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  1. Baby, are you a porpoise? Because you got a killer blowhole.
  2. Baby, don’t do me like that! It feels better from behind.
  3. I want to meet the asshole who is actually saying, “Brrr!” when it’s cold.
  4. Is my dick really that small or is it these Coke-bottle glasses?
  5. Euripides’ Shorts

    Why jack when you can Jill?

    Why jack when you can Jill?
  6. Rinse me with water and toss me in the recycling—I’m out.
  7. While Daddy’s away, Mommy will play bridge with her friends.
  8. What’s delicious and not nutritious? Most foods.
  9. Quit scratching your nails on that chalkboard so I can squeak this polystyrene.
  10. It looks like pea soup but it’s snot.
  11. Chocolate chip cookie dough? I hardly know ye!
  12. I thought Se-Seven-en was a German instructional video on counting. Boy was I wrong.
  13. The good news is you’re not getting any dumber. The bad news is you’ve been dumb the whole time.
  14. Baby, are your feet tired? ‘Cause you’ve been in that walker for over an hour.
  15. At the porn store I pay cash; then I go home and mash.