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  1. EGOT? Forget that, I’m going to be the first GOTEM: Grammy, Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Mesothelioma
  2. Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to eat all this cheese?
  3. Cool pap bro. It’d be a shame if someone smeared it
  4. In the love shack, baby broke back. Tried to cook her lunch, but I ran out of Kraft
  5. Alright soldier, this is your final war kneeing
  6. Oh no! this bubble gum pop expired six decades ago.
  7. Roll up your sleeves and grab a muffin, First one to giggle gets thrown into the Sarlaac pit.
  8. Ah, patience. It’s like my grandpa always said “let me get my ass behind me, boy.”
  9. When I’m feeling blue, I play it like croquet - every ball beaten is an additional stroke.
  10. Walking without rhythm deters worms, Walken without Christopher causes fever
  11. Just because you’re shavin’ what your mama gave ya doesn’t mean I wanna hear about your pop’s crop top.
  12. How about you and I smash this bottle of absinthe and hit the autobahn?
  13. These shingles have got me lean, mean, and preoccupied with my spleen.
  14. Nothing can kill the Grimace, though I hear his uncle died from a terrible case of the shakes.
  15. hampaxthemorbid

    Anyone up for tetanus?

    Anyone up for tetanus?