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  1. Click bait me once, shame on you. Click bait me twice, shame on me. Click bait me three times, WHEN AM I GETTING MY PENIS PILLS?
  2. Drop the coke zero and get with the coke hero/addict.
  3. I like big buttresses and am perfectly capable of lying.
  4. A brick wall with a sick call. It's CB radio on CBB. Welcome to Comedy Citizens Band.
  5. I'm a lone wolf baby! Please help, my wolf mother was killed by hunters and I am too young to fend for myself in this forest.
  6. Nobody gets my references anymore badger badger badger badger mushroom. Or else they do and they're just terrible. Either way I'm a renegade.
  7. Shake a tail feather at Floyd Mayweather. Do the Rumba with Samantha Mumba. Take a dump with Brad Pitt.
  8. I'll sleep when you're dead.
  9. Honey sickle don't be fickle. Honey suckle, time to fling your cares away and copulate.
  10. I've never seen it but Sheen's hair and shades alone make me think this would be worth checking out.
  11. Begorrah, begosh, Colin Farrell likes to nosh.
  12. Tune in, turn on and drop out. Tuna, turn around, and droppa da fish, this is the Italian a-sea police!
  13. Larp me Jesus through the medieval battlefield of life.
  14. Loose ships auto tune lips.
  15. I'm so angry it's making me hungry. I'm aungry.