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  1. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Heart X-Ray Evil Detector Man does!
  2. If your neck is made of liver you're an Indian giver. And if you watch sliver, you're gonna get a shiver and then a boner - cause it's seeeexy!
  3. Henchforth Casual Racism Friday will just be known as Casual Friday. You can still be racist, you just can't be casual about it.
  4. Catchphrase racing is what nerds do instead of work on Fridays.
  5. People laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian. And they're still laughing now. But now it's because I tell really funny jokes. I'm a very good comedian.
  6. If you're the type of person who likes to say things out loud then boy have got something for you - TALKING!!!
  7. Who's down with RGB? Yeah you colour correct me.
  8. Remember it's a pandemic not a PANTdemic.
  9. I am DTF baby. Downing Tools Forever. That's right, I've given up.
  10. Comedy clubs in airport departures never work out because they're set-up only.
  11. Wascally Wabbits have very bad habits. That's why they got kicked out of the nunnery. Also because they were rabbits.
  12. Sorry, we don't validate parking without a purchase. We're dicks like that.
  13. The first rule of Flight Club is you have to have watched the movie Flight at least ten times.
  14. Get Toe Superstar that is what you are. Working for Tarantino, getting him toes. And we rely on each other uh-huh.
  15. I can suck a golfball through a hosepipe providing it's been sufficiently liquidised.