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  1. Bunker? I hardly even knew her. Oh wait, no you said we should all go live in a bunker. I thought you meant I should BUNK her. And I was like - what does that mean?
  2. Have you ever dunked on the devil in the pale moonlight? Hi I'm Michael Jordan and I'm the new Joker.
  3. What's the haps with the maps for craps? I need a guide to toilets downtown.
  4. Call me crazy, call me lazy but never call me Jay-Z.
  5. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, don't let it take your lunch money either. That door's a bully. Stand up to it why doncha?
  6. Can I leave a deposit on these suppositories?
  7. I'm all for band merch but these red hot chili pepper suppositories are ridiculous.
  8. This erstwhile cursed child has the thirst style that makes it worthwhile.
  9. Every dunce with the devil, in the jailed moonlight? I always misquote that to all my prey. I'm trying to remember the sound of it.
  10. I bet fifty bucks on the Mighty ducks. But when the buzzer struck, they lost. The fucks.
  11. There once was a man from a place that rhymed with 'fuck it'. No wait. I've told this wrong.
  12. Injured at work? Injured at rest? Injured at play? Call Mars A Day Lawyers now!!!
  13. Riddle me with this - a load of bullets.
  14. Hoppy New Year you Kanagroo bastards.
  15. Sometimes I start a catchphrase and have no idea where it's going to end up. But not this time. Shart.