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  1. Hi I'm Infectious and I'll be your server tonight. Don't worry - that's just my name. I'm not actually infectious. The correct term is contagious. I'm contagious and I'm handling all your food tonight.
  2. When a phone installation engineer does a half-assed job there's no way to describe it.
  3. They MIGHT be giants? Really? How hard can that be to judge? They are or they're not. Make up your goddamn mind.
  4. I'm not going to repeat myself. Myself repeat to going not I'm.
  5. Oh look it's an A-hole stuck in a K-hole. Welcome to Sesame Street After Dark.
  6. We polled Colin Farrell and he hates American Apparel
  7. We asked Arnie Schwarzenegger and he said Rob Schneider's a pegger.
  8. I checked with Mark Ruffalo and he said Bison ain't Buffalo.
  9. I asked Christophe Waltz and he said it's your fault.
  10. If your Roman garment takeaway service isn't called Toga Togo then I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND Caroline.
  11. I emptied my bank account, I emptied my bowels, I bought me some consonants, I stole me some vowels.
  12. The pen is meatier than the sword. WINK.
  13. If you can stretch and snap then you can belch and flap. Welcome to the gassy diet where you'll burp your way thin!
  14. I often wonder why I'm so elderly yet spry. And the answer my friend is blowing by the bins, the answer is blowing people by the bins.
  15. Solange sucked lozenges while Mickey Rooney licked the spooney