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  1. Every dunce with the devil, in the jailed moonlight? I always misquote that to all my prey. I'm trying to remember the sound of it.
  2. I bet fifty bucks on the Mighty ducks. But when the buzzer struck, they lost. The fucks.
  3. There once was a man from a place that rhymed with 'fuck it'. No wait. I've told this wrong.
  4. Injured at work? Injured at rest? Injured at play? Call Mars A Day Lawyers now!!!
  5. Riddle me with this - a load of bullets.
  6. Hoppy New Year you Kanagroo bastards.
  7. Sometimes I start a catchphrase and have no idea where it's going to end up. But not this time. Shart.
  8. Listen kid, let's get this first Venge out of the way before you start talking about REvenge. Alright?
  9. The coroner's coronary was ordinary not honorary but he couldn't get shot of me with a store-bought lobotomy.
  10. Nobody puts baby in the coroner's.
  11. Nothing was ever gained by people not giving me loads of money.
  12. A horse walks into a boar and says, "This forest is very crowded."
  13. Student loans are great but what if I want to just buy a student outright?
  14. Although revered, I sheared my weird beard but as I feared my acne's not cleared.
  15. Forget it Jake, It's whatyamcallit. Eh.... that place with loads of Asians. God damn it, it's on the tip of my tongue. No. Forgotten it. Sorry.