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  1. Nobody wants to see your shaved cat. Or "baby" as you call it.
  2. Jim Morrison's van loving brother could never find a moniker that fit his obsession.
  3. I'm a hoarder not a heighter.
  4. SideofMcG

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    This is still one of the all time great episodes. Just re-listened to it today in the year 2020. I'm speaking to the rest of you on this thread from the future! woooohhh! How's 2020 you ask? Sheessshhh... is that the time? Out the window for me! Hail Andy Daly/Satan
  5. The ants in my pants, chant mainly on the plants.
  6. Gentlemen, shart your Slim jims.
  7. A friend who bleeds is a friend indeed - old vampire proverb.
  8. SideofMcG

    Episode 248 Velocipastor

    David Russell did some experimental bleach effect on the stock he shot Three Kings on. I remember watching Three KIngs on VHS back in the day and there was a warning at the start - the gist of it was basically - "The colours are supposed to look like this, do not adjust your set fuckos." But it was tough for them to get a lab that could develop the stock the correct way as far as I remember and it caused a lot of hassle during production as far as I remember.
  9. Just like Inept Hippy George Washington, I cannot tie a dye.
  10. You'll beat the blues with a plate of chews but you'll get the browns from eating clowns.
  11. Waiter waiter there's a flyboy in my soup.
  12. Mister Meester's yeasty keester, cheek one's a feast and cheek two's a greaser.
  13. Plugbags are like assholes, Ben Schwartz sings annually about opening them up.
  14. Munch and Judy - the puppet show origins of Richard Belzer's iconic detective. Coming soon to HBO Max.
  15. Sitting in the tub. Blub blub blub. Sitting on the couch-o. Groucho groucho groucho.