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  1. Sorry tony, trying to copy back at facelist didn’t realize I was copying a copy. Skynet
  2. Sorry I used your peanut butter puberty one as inspiration
  3. Poutine butte and Biere de garde helped me achieve a doddyboddy before Puberty hit me, whata country!
  4. I care not. We shall stomp
  5. Itching a shingle on my dingle, I dropped my American craft single on a Pringle.
  6. I got a crick in my back from putting my dick in your crack
  7. ResubmitRe:mytit

    Simply putte, I eat butte

    Simply putte, I eat butte
  8. Let me coalesce upon your bress
  9. If the early bird gets the worm, what does the late bird get? Worm poop?
  10. ResubmitRe:mytit

    Sui generis? Sega genesis.

    Sui generis? Sega genesis.
  11. The judge is saying “Bingo, bango, bongo,” the thing is, I don’t think the case is that cut-go and dry-go!
  12. My toilet is like my mullet, piss-ness in the front, bidet for my crack
  13. ipso facto, I’m a dope lax bro
  14. An insult from garrison keillor is called a “fiddle me diss”
  15. ResubmitRe:mytit

    I’m Groot Gingrich

    I’m Groot Gingrich