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  1. NameThatPunky

    Accelerate with Dave Holmes

    Dave Holmes is delightful to listen to.
  2. NameThatPunky

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    how DARE THEY
  3. The sleeve is for Christmas.
  4. NameThatPunky

    Help us with the CBB 2019 Calendar!!

    June - Dads n Grads
  5. NameThatPunky

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Thank you Shannon, things look great now.
  6. NameThatPunky

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Another nitpick, I don't like the alternating white/gray background between forum names on the listing. Makes it hard to read.
  7. My favorite part by far was when Jean didn't know what pizza was.
  8. NameThatPunky

    Episode 397 - Dog Drag

    More Lapov Chapov! Took me 3 breaks for me to get the pun by the way.
  9. This episode made me say "Hachi chachi chachi"
  10. Incredible and fun episode. Found the last song of the musical very touching.
  11. NameThatPunky

    Episode 553 - Let's Write On The White

    Not sure what to make of Lakeith. It seemed like he was simultaneously reserved and playing along. He opened up more as it went on and had some fun play with Ego and Mary. I would've liked a pic of Drew Tarver, though.
  12. Alright, I get someone who doesn't care about music not knowing these popular songs and all. But Todd hires drummers to play his parties, and says he plays songs during it so they play along. What the hell is he playing during these parties? I'm not saying he has to be playing The Doors or Duran Duran, but anyone with a slight interest in playing any music would know these songs right? Or is the joke on ME and the whole thing is a reverse bit?? Either way it's funny as hell so who knows.
  13. Yea this was fantastic. And so smart.
  14. NameThatPunky

    Episode 552 - Hey, Keep Readin'

    This was effing insane. And I loved it.
  15. NameThatPunky


    "Did I do that?" - uRkel Y
  16. Zach is brilliant. Seems Eugene could be a Pirates fan. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/r/riverfe01.shtml
  17. NameThatPunky

    Episode 551 - New to the Wax with The Sloppy Boys

    Diston gets me crying laughing faster than almost any other guest.
  18. That episode of Not On My Show killed me.
  19. NameThatPunky


    Lots of missed opportunities to do an ep' of I Love Films. I don't know if either of these guys are Smashing Pumpkins fans, but the history of this and production with the drum machines reminded me a lot of Adore, which came out March of 98 before this one. Just funny cause they bring up Kid A as a similar change of direction album. I'm also halfway through the episode so maybe they bring it up later.
  20. Fun, goofy episode. Jess really shined in some songs.
  21. NameThatPunky

    New Adventures in Hi-Fi

    So far the streak is alive.
  22. NameThatPunky

    26 - Murmur

    I'm glad this happened.