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  1. I didn't think the baseball player character was going anywhere until oh boy did it go somewhere. Great stuff. Also wonderful how immediately uncomfortable Mr S and Mr A got at the next guest. Just some great bonkers stuff to start the year.


    Scott's gonna be done with that song by February.

  2. 16 hours ago, razlax479 said:

    as soon as they start plugs i will stop listening from now on.  it was funny when they honestly screwed up the first time; however purposefully doing it wrong years in a row and feigning it as accidental simply is not funny.  it's annoying and disingenuous. it is way too slow of a burn to be funny for a regular listener, like myself.  just use the closing up the plug bag theme remix with Marino and Wilson.



    I don't understand how you've ever enjoyed this podcast.

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  3. On 12/27/2018 at 12:24 PM, Kickpuncher said:

    Absolutely, but the villain they were talking about (I odn't remember who specifically it was) feels like more of a Loki analogue than a Thanos.  I guess Shakespeare (the Immortal Bard) himself would be Thanos.

    The Soup Nazi, he'd be there.

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