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    That is one of the truest testaments to PFT. He makes these characters sound so interesting, then you find them in real life and you're like, 'Oh. You aren't near as fun.'


    Exception to the rule is Werner Herzog.

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  2. Why was comedy bang bang only once a week for the past few weeks/months? Luckily it was twice a week again this week. Just wondering what Scotty Auks was up to there...


    Once a week is the norm, Thursday sodes are the special occasion.


    I didn't donate because there's no way I could excuse donating to the making of one's documentary when I don't have the funds available to live an anywhere near comfortable life despite having a solid steady job and being smart with my money, but if I did I have to assume I'd be pretty annoyed over it.


    As an avid listener of WhoCh, it sure seemed to me that BDP happened and it was kind of like 'awesome, this is such a great thing to make and people are watching it and its fun' while the documentary that time was spent funding was just left for when this other opportunity dried up. I do think that if you reach out for donations to make a passion project you have a responsibility to actually follow through on that. I'd guess many people donated money who are not wealthy or frivolous with their money but truly wanted to help someone they are a fan of be able to complete their passion project correctly.

    This isn't a situation where a starving artist needed a little help to present their life's work, so the mere fact that so much money was raised should give one the impetus to work hard on it and find the time to get it done and offer updates that it's happening. Since I didn't donate I can't be angry about anything regarding the doc, but I have to agree and say that I found listening to that part of this week's episode a bit grating.



    I do agree in most senses. I did donate, and I have been annoyed that there's been no updates. It's not entitlement, I didn't expect a movie to be turned around in a year and delivered on my doorstep or anything. When it's done it's done, but I'd like to know the progress along the way. She provided updates in this episode that could've been told to us at any time.


    However, the way the commenter went about it was completely ridiculous, and then to argue with her and others in a continually shitty way. Getting no updates isn't an excuse to be a shithead. There's ways to express frustration without being a cunt but I guess that's just the internet for you.

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  4. Loved the story Henry had right before he left about the phone call. Seems like something perfect for a movie.


    I really hope the person who trolled Ku's dog pictures doesn't post here. In fact I hope they stop listening all together. They don't deserve this show.

  5. Anthony Atamanuik effortlessly pulling out the name "Laurence Luckinbill" as the actor who portrayed Spock's half-brother in Star Trek V was a truly impressive example of obscure recall.


    Laurence Luckinbill: RIPossible?


    Holy shit that was real? It all sounded so made up.

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