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  1. Love me some Randall Park. Really fun episode, especially that first segment.


    One thing that frustrates me about the video game charts is they always focus on upcoming games. Not only does nobody in the room care, even if they did, they wouldn't even have had a chance to play them.


    I'd like it if they'd save the games charts for when Kumail or Emily or someone who cares is on. Or ditch them altogether. The charts are supposed to be a jumping-off point for conversation, for sure, but when they're just background signposts to hit on a disitnerested conversation, I think the show'd be better served if they'd leave games behind and focus on movies and TV.


    I think you have a point that if they do a games chart (which I'm for) it should be games that have actually come out, like the movies and music charts. Top selling of the last month or top releases the last month, or something. I think they need a third chart to break the repetition that music and moves can get into, and VGs is fine.


    Plus, that theme.

  2. I know Giancarlo didn't mean to be offensive, but it was an offensive question (obviously)


    Why is it an offensive question though? It's reality. There's tons of nail salons run by Vietnamese women. It's a legitimate question, and seemed like a cultural thing to him. It makes no sense that if a certain ethnicity has a proclivity toward something we can't even talk about it without being labeled as offensive.


    The reality is, there is an actual reason for it, and it involves actress Tippi Hedren and Vietnamese refugees. She helped them find an industry, find work and find homes in America, and you're claiming it's offensive to ask how it happened.



  3. "Keeper of the Aukerstick"!!! Man, this one was fun.


    I still specifically remember listening to that first episode five years ago and being so pleasantly surprised and charmed. I wish that Howard would still do some of the research he mentioned, because some of the stuff that came out of that (like the gameshow-style quizzes he would give the guests) were so great.


    I miss the quizzes and Chart Goose so, so much. Coaxing the egg was some of the best moments of the show.


    Earbuds or We're Buds, what was the other one, Paris or Snaggletooth?

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    I died in my car on this too, I got into deep thought about how exactly that came about. Did someone physically make that sound effect, did the engineer cody cody make that sound effect? How was it decided that scotty got his finger right in there?


    Garbus is the first to bring it up after the sound effect, bless his heart.