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  1. I don't get it, why is Eddie Pepitone not listed on the episode when he was clearly playing that Boston character?




    seriously though, that "Boston" accent had trace levels of British and New Yawk in it, like a damn prism


    Some Victor was coming through during it too. Not a knock on Small, he's fantastic.

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  2. So who played which character in the sprawling epic that is Episode 485 - The 8th Anniversary Show?


    BTW, as someone who just started watching Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, I was surprised & delighted to see so many actors from that show are characters I've long enjoyed on CBB podcast. But lost track in last half of Ep 485 who played who.


    If you have a question on who post it on up.

  3. At least they finally brought up the idea of banning the song. My fear is that Howard's berating of the Chart Curator about wanting charts based off sales/listens is going to get us back into a rut of the same songs every week. I hope they go back to the international charts, those were fun to riff on and mixed it up.

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