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  1. Webster's Dictionary defines a Reunion as an island in the Indian Ocean, owned by France, that is known for its volcanism and rainforested interior. Webster's Dictionary is fucking wrong, because this show is the only reunion I need in my life.
  2. To have mwn stare at me.
  3. 7:25pm Tacoma, WA Was at a coffee shop called The Abyss (it was shit), some rando stared at me for several minutes from outside... Day still ruined by Dixon.
  4. 2:06pm Tacoma, WA Thought about Dixon today. Day ruined.
  5. Hello, I am Chanson and I had a very Chanson day in which I Chansoned really hard. PS - I didn't once think about Dixon.
  6. Good job, Dixon. I haven't listened to the episode yet because I forgot this podcast existed.
  7. chanson

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    No joke, I'm really beginning to like this Mike Bonetti guy.
  8. chanson

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    Something about crows Something about Janet Reno Something about a hawk Seattle Seattle Seattle Dad boat island. Perfect Chanson post. PS - trains
  9. chanson

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    Seattle is really uncool. It's coffee, it's Frasier, it's Niles, it's boring and terrible and please don't move here. Thanks!
  10. chanson

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    I haven't heard this much Seattle talk since the last time I opened my mouth.
  11. 69 is a funny number. Wanna know another funny number? 420. Lol.
  12. Nobody, We still asking questions or they record the episode already and it's time to go back to stupid jokes now? Full Disclosure: I don't like jokes.
  13. Total Nobody, Netflix and chill?
  14. You ever talk to those guys who work at Trader Joe's? They're so upbeat! It's crazy!
  15. Mike Bonetti "gets it"
  17. Well, that's the ticket to stardom my friend!
  18. Where the shit did you go you think we wouldn't notice? Fuck you! Okay, I love you again. Edit: turns out you didn't go anywhere I just haven't been reading recent posts.
  19. Caw! Caw! Caw... I mean hello, this is the human person known as Chanson and definitely not a crow who killed him and took over his computer. Caw! Caw! ahem... Croworld is safe. Do not be alarmed. It is perfectly CAW! CAW! CAW! safe here.
  20. I knew about Dildo, NL. However, I guarantee you that Dildo, NL lives up to its name. Don't ask me how I know, just know that my research is very thorough.
  21. I'm really beginning to regret signing up to colonize Croworld. No one told me there would be SO MANY GODDAM CROWS! I thought it was just a name, you know? Like Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan or Joe Batt's Arm, Newfoundland... Boy, was I wrong! FUCK YOU CROWS! FUCK YOU!
  22. I'm back and I'm so glad you all respected my wishes and didn't post. So kind of you.
  23. Hello everyone, I'm gonna be going skiing today and I won't be back until sometime tomorrow, so if everyone can just refrain from posting here until I give the go-ahead that would be great. Thanks!
  24. The fuck happened in here? Holy fucking christ!