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  1. chanson

    Episode 233 - Nicole Parker, Our Close Popcorn

    Double post. SORRY
  2. chanson

    Hollywood Handbook Los Angeles Show

    Okay, so I went to this. I didn’t know all of these poltics were happening, but I think you did a good job as Chef Kevin. The show was good. I had fun.
  3. chanson

    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    Had a great time on the show. Living that boat life. Xoxo Chanson
  4. chanson


    Did anyone else notice that Casey has a green screen? Yeah, me neither.
  5. chanson


    Here's the thing Sean Clements. August 4th is my cousin, Allison's birthday and she lives in Bellingham and I didn't even go and visit her for her 21st birthday because I was too busy hanging out with Bruce Reid Robinson II's dog, Rose, in Bend, Oregon. So... I guess what I'm saying is cheer up, snowflake, you made friendship happen.
  6. chanson

    Episode 192 - Julie Klausner, Our Tonys Friend

    Hi, I'm Chanson and I am still alive. Very much not dead here. Just alive, living life, doing breathing and eating and consuming enough fluids. Y'know, living people things.
  7. chanson

    Episode 183 - Employee Reviews, Our Useful Tool

    Hello, it is I, your friend, Chanson. I listened to this episode on the ferry on my way to my new job at a cruise line. I outchansoned myself. That is all.
  8. chanson

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    This one hits too close to home. You know my dad is a boat.
  9. chanson

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    My anonymous source also confirmed this. Okay, you caught me. My anonymous source is the NSA.
  10. chanson

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    PPS - I WANT the show to get cancelled. I'm starting a GoFundMe to get it cancelled. It already has a billion dollars, so good luck getting it uncancelled, butt sniffers.
  11. chanson

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    Hi Hayes and Sean (in no particular order) please get this letter to our friend Ira Glass. It's VERY IMPORTANT. ---------------------------- Dear Ira Glass, Hi, it's your old pal Chanson. You don't know me but I live on this very normal island and we ALSO have a thing in a tree, but it's not people; it's a bike. Also nobody vaccinates their kids and it's fucking insane. You know, normal. Please do a show about us, literally everyone would freak the fuck out, they all think you're God (you know, like, in the way that everyone is "spiritual" but like hate organized religion, but most people probably say they're Buddhist. See? Normal American small town/island.) Okay see you when you come do the This Normal America Show. PS - Tell Chana Joffe-Walt I say "'sup." She'll know what it means. K thanks love you, Chanson
  12. chanson

    Episode 180 - Mikal Cronin, Our Close Music

    Fabio's Socks, I will say nice things about you anytime you want, you old so-and-so. Here are several nice things about you: you're my friend and I like you a lot because of how good you are at being awesome! I think you're good at biology and spelling and proficient with Microsoft Power Point.
  13. chanson

    Episode 180 - Mikal Cronin, Our Close Music

    Welp, now that the show's over I don't have to pretend this is my favorite podcast anymore and I can announce that I LOVE ANNA FARIS IS UNQUALIFIED!!!
  14. I just started listening to the episode. Sorry, I do other things, I HAVE A LIFE!