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  1. Killing it mwn. Fucking killing it, bro.
  2. You can add me on Facebook if you want to be friends. Then if your posts are good enough I will FBM you a telephone number with a 360 area code. It will be a throwaway phone... just like the area code. You will send 3 images of your chosing to that phone number. If those images are the correct images then you will receive my snapchat username. You will add me on Snapchat and then if your Snap stories are good enough for seven consecutive weeks I will snap you a picture of Dreidel with my actual phone number. That is how you can become my friend.
  3. Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder from the American Council of Dentists to make sure that you don't allow your greedy evil political overlords to fluoridate your water. K, thanks.
  4. I've never understood what that meant to be honest.
  5. Yeah... I'm disappointed too, you guys. Sometimes it just turns out that you actually do exist and aren't made-up...
  6. That Alicia Tobin episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself was actually really freaking good. Just saying. Seriously, she is a delight.
  7. I don't like the assumption that you have to work in pharmaceuticals to be an asshole and I feel like the asshole community has had their good name tarnished by this pharmaceutical piece of shit. Are you asking if you can? Because I don't even know you. I'm flattered, don't get me wrong.
  8. Hey guys, this week's new episode was really great. Sorry, I paid them to give it to me and not release it. Soooooo good. Just really great. Really sucks you guys don't get to listen. Damn. Wish I could do something about it...
  9. Of course, bro. I mean, we're best friends, who else was I gonna bring?
  10. PS - It was an honor just to be nominated and honestly, I don't think of it as so much of a win for me as a loss for all of my enemies here on this forum and elsewhere (Reddit).
  11. From Splitsider/The AV Club/The New York Times: Best Podcast Listener: Chanson from Hollywood Handbook. Congratulations to me!
  12. Hello forumers, I ate some Chinese food for Christmas Eve and Driedel converted to Christianity for the holidays so her name is now Strudel the Christian dog. That is all.
  13. Oh hey, turns out I actually WAS the Sasquatch and I wasn't actually kidnapped by one... Weird.
  14. Scott called us rabid. WE DID IT! WE GOT RABIES!
  15. Wow, Kev. You're right. I'd never noticed that before. Shit, dude. Thanks. Things are a lot clearer now.
  16. I mean all the snapchats from Thailand were a giveaway, too.
  17. Is it cool that I know you're in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport just from the architecture? Probably not, right? Thanks.
  18. There's a dog in Seattle that gets on the bus and goes to the dog park by itself. That's the only news that matters in my life and you have your priorities wrong if you don't feel the same way.
  19. People who live on islands are weirdos, I agree, but I'm also everyone's favorite weirdo currently being held captive at a mountain lodge by a Sasquatch, which is pretty difficult for me tbh. My dog isn't even here. But I did get to watch The Challenge.
  20. ...I'm Chanson. From Hollywood Handbook. You know, that podcast you love. I'm that guy. I'm him every single day. That's what I'm doing for you. Have some respect AND SAVE ME FROM THIS FUCKING SASQUATCH!
  21. Hi friends, got kidnapped by a sasquatch. Please send help.
  22. ^cool alternative take on no new episode.