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  1. I woke up because something got in my eye and now I've posted four times. Congratulations.
  2. Oh, I watched TheBastardExecutioner... It's not good. I don't know if it's supposed to be good. Is it supposed to be? Because maybe it's not. That's a thing, right? I have no idea.
  3. I still like it though, just to clarify. Love you Sean and also Hayes in no particular order.
  4. I literally have no idea what is happening anymore. Fuck.
  5. Hmm I feel like I complained about you complaining about something recently. I still love you though.
  6. Is there really a backlash to the craft beer revolution? That's crazy. Dislike.
  7. Kissed a guy tonight. Nbd. He said i was a bad kisser. Also met the woman of my dreams. I think she hates me. All is right with the world. All in all a very Chanson kind of night.
  8. Realistically it's all about quantity and not about quality, so suck it nerds.
  9. Celebrity endorsement: I highly recommend doing this. Not because I think it will help with your foruming, but because I think it will give you important real-life skills that are highly valuable in an extremely competitive globalized workplace.
  10. Good to be back in the first post position this week.
  11. Happy Birthday JeffreyParties!
  12. Happy Birthday, A Bear! You old so and so.
  13. Hello, Drunk Chanson here........ Doin' great tonight. Got a lady with me.... Do not know why she agreed to come home with me...... Poor judgement in my opinion.....
  14. chanson

    Teesh hurtz

    This feels like a trick
  15. He did leg day two days ago... I don't know if that lends him credibility, but it's true.
  16. chanson

    Teesh hurtz

    Oh, you want t-shirts? That's a great idea! Such an original idea! ....sorry I'm being shitty because there aren't HH t-shirts.
  17. PS - Made new military friends who brew their own beer tonight. Gonna drink some beer and get drafted tomorrow! Fuck Yeah!
  18. I don't have a Twitter. Because I'm really cool and/or not cool.
  19. Guys, let's not make this forum all about dicks. There's ladies in this forum, too. Unless they wanna talk about dicks, then it's all good.
  20. I'd like to hear this commercial talked about please: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfeLLjDh0Bc