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  1. you forgot #bandixon
  2. Veebs! You did it! ('80s slow clap begins)
  3. I just want everyone to know that I have been fully clothed ever since I joined this forum on March 30, 2013 and I have not once been anything less than fully clothed.
  4. I listen to JJGo and Stop Podcasting Yourself sometimes. They aren't on Earwolf. But I like them anyway.
  5. You'd be surprised how little it matters. Shocked even.
  6. That ATM has pictures of Canadian money on it.
  7. Ferries arent even real, they were invented for people to have somewhere to take their out of town relatives when they came to visit their new home in the crazy distant pacific northwest. Everyone I know travels around via hovercraft.
  8. Wait till you hear my dad was actually an engineer at Boeing and not a ferry captain. Some people take that news very hard.
  9. Holy shit I know where those are! They haunt me to this day! So how is Kingston these days?
  10. If this isn't in Podmass next week I'm gonna cancel my Howl sibscription!
  11. This is probably a good time to say I don't have a Howl subscription. I WAS BLUFFING THE WHOLE TIME! HA!
  12. So you're saying it's called International Women's Day because Lenny Kravitz owns American Women's Day? That seems implausible but okay, if you say so.
  13. PS - yeah, you can post a question whenever you want but usually they'll post something the day before letting us know who it is and soliciting questions for that person. That's often on Fridays. But it's not every week. Otherwise you might just be asking a question to nobody which is fun but maybe not the same kind of fun you were hoping for. I'm trying a new sincerity thing and I hate it.
  14. I'm scared too. Of this international women's day. You hear about this? If there'a a guest I wanna know why there's a women's day and why is it international why can't it just be American Women's Day? Like, hello this is still America. Geez
  15. If they cancel this show I'll cancel my Howl subscription I swear.
  16. Dear Guest, Any good prescription drugs I should try? I'm already taking obscene amounts of illegal street adderall and I'm looking to diversify.
  17. Seems like there's been a lot of weird stuff happening on the forums this week....... Let's start over. Hi, I'm Chanson. I like Hollywood Handbook and I have very questionable ideas about women. There's some other stuff about me too, you won't like it.
  18. This feels very metafictional.... Remember when Sean said that? Hint: it was on a different but also good podcast that I liked. Hint 2: some might argue that it's the best podcast.
  19. I bet it was Dixon. That scoundrel. BAN DIXON!
  20. Guys.... I think Ronnie Hog wants to fuck my dog.... Or something. I could just be reading into it. Weird post though...
  21. I'm enjoying how hypothetical the forums have gotten recently. Good thing we haven't had to do any of the stuff we're talking about today... Right guys?
  22. I hate it when someone makes more outrageous comments than me. I'M THIS FORUM'S RESIDENT SHITBAG! STOP TRYING TO COMPETE!
  23. I nominate thejjar as a pro version candidate for next week and also propose that we ban Dixon. All in favor say aye.
  24. I may need to borrow some of those from you at some point. Pretend I wasn't mean to you last week.
  25. chanson

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend