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  1. toni misfit

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    I want to know why nobody brought up the fact that 10 to 20 guys in cars were following Louise around wanting her to get in a car and go with them and then rapped "don't put up a fight." What the fuck? Are they going to forcefully put her in the car? Are they going to sexually assault her? Another thing that really bothers me is that Brad is a big ole cheater. When he takes her to the murder house he is still with Randa! She is totally nuts over this guy and he is cheating on his girlfriend. I guess one could argue that it was the popularity spell that made him do it, but then what is going to happen later on down the line when another popular or charming girl comes around? Is he just going to say, "Sorry Louise, she was popular, you know that it's my one true weakness."
  2. toni misfit

    Correction: Fast 6 NOS

    NOS is actually used in racing. It is injected into your combustion chamber, mixes with the gas and makes the combustion more powerful therefore your car is faster for a short period of time. Come on guys, I'm a chick and I know about this.