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    Episode 205 — Racism In Metal

    How'd Andrew "Doesn't Get The Beatles" Ti trick this white music guitar person onto the show? Also I wonder whether this episode will stir the pot like the last metal one did when the new site design doesn't have Yo, Is This Racist? plastered over the homepage twelve times.
  2. Hyde Parker

    Episode 193 — Mash-Ups

    Swing and a miss, although the new Vampire Weekend album is supposed to be good. The Black Album has two stellar tracks ("99 Problems," "Dirt Off Your Shoulder") and a bunch of middling-to-good ones. I'll more likely sit through a themed remix like The Grey Album for the novelty of it than the original record.
  3. Hyde Parker

    Episode 193 — Mash-Ups

    At this point aren't the only people who listen to Jay Z middle-aged white people and Samsung customers?
  4. Hyde Parker

    Episode 183 — The Wacky Office Guy

    Mall spits hot fire in every single thread.
  5. Hyde Parker

    Episode 183 — The Wacky Office Guy

    "I was contracted to do so in a hamfisted, liability-reducing piece of training propaganda I was assured would not be circulated constantly as an example of how lightly new hire material would be taken for decades to come."
  6. Hyde Parker

    Episode 182 — Has Multiculturalism Failed?

    The man proven incompetent to evaluate things as simplistic as ethnicity in science fiction tasks himself to tackle the complex reactions of foreign populations to integration and drastic demographic change, all in under nine minutes!
  7. Hyde Parker

    Episode 181 — Waiters & Chopsticks

    Haha, Crackitivity, maybe you'll think about this next time someone says something that makes someone else angry *spins dialectic wheel like an eighteenth century boat captain in a hurricane*
  8. Hyde Parker

    Episode 180 — White Men Touring Thailand

    Prostitution is legal throughout a lot of Europe. I wouldn't say it's cheap but lodging at a hostel for fifteen bucks is probably less expensive than a Bangkok Marriott.
  9. Hyde Parker

    Episode 179 — Racist Caricatures In Sci-Fi

    Even the protag of Starship Troopers is Filipino.
  10. Hyde Parker

    Episode 179 — Racist Caricatures In Sci-Fi

    More like Space Persians (see: "Padishah") overthrown by Space Bedouins.
  11. Hyde Parker

    Episode 177 — Black Students Acting Out

    Racism as oppression of systemic victims is a jargon definition that doesn't even enjoy universal currency among social scientists.
  12. Hyde Parker

    Episode 175 — Hating On Rap

    Country-Western for the last couple of decades has mostly been manufactured by prestige-college graduates for the consumption of blue collar whites so you're probably justified in hating it, if you do. The answer to someone who hates rap for whatever goofy moral reason is that art from the The Illiad to War and Peace has usually been more occupied with violence than rap is so go register your complaints with Xenophon or whoever before you tangle with the Geto Boys.
  13. Hyde Parker

    Episode 177 — Black Students Acting Out

    bb-but i once heard a definition of racism on the internet that deliberately precluded racism against white people!
  14. Hyde Parker

    Episode 177 — Black Students Acting Out

    No because then we'd be obnoxiously smug Tumblr drones. I mean if you want to villainize most of the country's population for existing that'd be fine but this is a podcast network and it isn't necessarily dedicated to your conceptions of social justice.
  15. Hyde Parker

    Episode 177 — Black Students Acting Out

    I really thought anyone who had even heard of this podcast had heard of this study (Please don't respond with snark to this, ST, I'm genuinely remarking on the cluelessness of "real racists" people who show up to discussions at least tangentially derived from academic discourses without any foreknowledge at all). It's about as close as you get to a litmus test with regards to critical theory (yes, I'm using the term again). Either primary education is staffed significantly with crypto-racists (or individuals unknowingly acted upon by overwhelming and mostly invisible social forces) or black populations are subject to behavioral problems not seen as often in other ethnic cohorts. Not commenting or arguing, just presenting a dichotomy to people who'll probably see this after the Besser debacle.