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  1. cshin

    Episode 88.5 — Minisode 88.5

    oh my god that thing from "Gooby" sent chills down my spine. it literally looks that dog man from that weird scene in "The Shining" where all the ghosts start to appear.
  2. cshin

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    i cannot believe you guys didn't mention the wacky scene where Bruce and Rose are having dinner and she asks him if he likes her lipstick and then he says he doesn't so she says she's never going to wear the color again. AND THEN SHE TOSSES THE LIPSTICK INTO HER WATER GLASS. that's her water glass! she is supposed to drink out of that! who does that? does she think he won't believe her if she says she'll never wear that shade of lipstick again? and if she wants to destroy the lipstick for whatever reason putting it in water won't completely do the job. another thing i was thinking about was the baseball glove chair which you guys did mention but briefly. i was wondering why on earth they had a baseball mitt chair and everyone else seemed to have a regular chair. if everyone had a sports equipment themed chair it would make more sense but they don't. I believe the reason Casey was sitting in the catcher's mitt is because in the first scene with the therapy session there is a fight that breaks out. Casey gets attacked by Richie in the first scene and then later killed by Dale. He is literally "caught" twice. is that why he is in the catcher's mitt? because he is going to get caught?
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