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    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)

    Oh I love this movie. One of my favorite bad movies for sure. A rock n roll detective? What the F does that even mean? Let's not forget supporting roles for Morris Day, Gilbert Godfried, and Ed O'Neill who was just finding his groove as Al Bundy.
  2. I've gotta agree. This movie is so insane and over the top. I can't really agree that Scarface is well made. I've thought this for years, but never knew that other people agreed with me. The acting is pretty bad overall. The accents are terrible, and it's pretty offensive that there are a bunch of white actors in "tan face" portraying Cubans.
  3. TonyPSU7

    Timecop (1994)

    Yeah, I definitely have more sympathy for "The Rainmaker" than I do two guys who kill people in a pretty cowardly. At least we understand how The Rainmaker ended up the way that is was.
  4. TonyPSU7

    The Help..... really?

    I think the main problem with the book and the movie is that they aren't made in the time that they are set. If either were made by a southerner in the 60s, they would be be considered fairly progressive despite the having a "white savior". The fact that they are depicted that way in a book that is 9 years old and a movie that is 3 years is what is so problematic, at least for me.
  5. TonyPSU7

    Pearl Harbor

    This movie probably seemed like a great idea when it was pitched. "We're going to take one of the most tragic moments in American history, and make a romantic action movie out of it. Think Titanic meets Armageddon. It's gold!" My hatred of Michael Bay started with this movie.
  6. TonyPSU7

    Timecop (1994)

    I love this movie! Remember how his children were dressed and spoke in the altered current timeline? Hilarious!! I must say that when it comes to time travel rules that I apply to entertainment (Lost, Back To The Future, stuff like that) I always include the "Same matter can't occupy the same space." I nearly screamed that at the movie screen during Looper. True Story.
  7. TonyPSU7

    Demolition Man

    This is a little too awesome to be considered in my opinion. It falls into that Armageddon and Big Trouble In Little China category.
  8. TonyPSU7

    Crash (Paul Haggis)

    I can't tell you how much I hate this movie. It is so overly dramatic. It's predictable. Every character is a cariciture of racial stereotypes. What pisses me off most about the movie is that the audience is supposed to forgive Matt Dillon's character for being a bigot, not to mention a rapist, simply because he pulled his rape victim out of a burning car. He's a police officer! It's his job! The only people who think Crash is a feel good movie is racists who want to believe that one good deed towards a person of another race excuses them from a lifetime of bigotry.
  9. I think The Golden Child needs to be seriously considered. It's the first movie staring Eddie Murphy that is a total flop (besides that one with Dudley Moore), and it had huge expectations. It was a flop, and is a terrible movie, yet it's highly watchable. It's borderline racist. Seems perfect for HDTGM!
  10. TonyPSU7

    Episode 123 — These Kids

    I am black and a teacher. "These kids" is used to describe students in general, at least in my experience. I will say that it is generally used when you're describing students' behavior or performance negatively, but occasionally positively.