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  1. ill Neal

    Rubber (2010)

    i saw this listed on netflix and it sounded interesting, but not interesting enough to convince me to watch it over "dead heat" (which i just watched and WAS FUCKING AWESOME). however, after seeing the preview on the first page, i have decided that i must see this movie.
  2. ill Neal

    Dead Heat (1988)

    HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE IS GODDAMN INCREDIBLE!!!!!! it's presently streaming on netflix. i just stumbled across it on netflix and decided to give it a watch. it starts off so cheezy. joe piscopo and treat williams? 15 minutes in you think it's going to be a real stinker. but holy shit, it turns out to be an awesome fucking movie. and even joe piscopo! he was charming. he got to deliver some of the best throwaway lines, like "i gotta piss so bad my teeth are starting to float". although the best throwaway line is during the final fight scene when what's-his-face shouts "shut up, ya old fart!" at vincent price. honestly, this movie is incredible. it's... so fucking weird... there were so many incredible throw away lines... for those of you who've seen it, i have to talk about my favorite scene. not sure if it was a gag as written or what, but i really got a kick out of when zombie treat williams is invading the lab at the end (just blasting away mortal security guards with no reservation i might add), and he encounters that other zombie, and they just stand there blasting each other with uzis, and then zombie treat wililams gets the other zombie in the ASPHYXIATION CHAMBER (who knew that would come back a second time?!?!), and as he's sealing the door, he's firing at him with the uzi, then he throws a grenade in the asphyxiation chamber, and then what i love is he squeezes a few more rounds through the edge of the door as its closing. hahahahah
  3. ill Neal


    first of all, this is old. i completely forgot about this. i want to say it's from february. so back in "february" i met some friends at a bar on cherokee st. in st louis, one of those hip artist neighborhoods that is about 18 months out of the start of proper gentrification. we were at this bar called "the whiskey ring". a bar so cool they didn't even have PBR, just tecate and whiskey. it was in this bar that i saw, in the corner near a broken-down CD jukebox, this glorious oil painting of fucking STALLONE AS COBRA. i immeidately thought of BP and his affinity for that film based on the "how did this get made?" episode he guest starred in. so i had my friend take a picture of me with it. i don't know who in their right mind painted an oil-on-canvas recreation of the COBRA DVD box art, but i salute them. and i salute the whiskey ring for having this on display. seriously, it's nothing but olde-tyme photos of st louis during prohibition, and COBRA. i may repost this in the HDTGM/"Cobra" episode forum.
  4. i've never seen this movie. but for some reason it popped in my head earlier toinght and HDTGM was the immediate next thing that popped in my head. the first one was good, though... OH! haha, that's why i thought about the blues brothers. i was at a hippie bar and they had a fender rhodes in the band and it reminded me of the original blues brothers which lead me to: 2000
  5. oh man... i saw this movie in theaters as a kid. the most memorable scene from this movie is when they get that couple who know the codes or whatever, and they threaten to poke a hot iron in the girl's eye to get the code out of the dude. and then they give them the code, and then the bad guys throw them out of the train while going over an elevated bridge, and also shoot them with machine guns as they fall to their deaths. also satellites... i remember satellites...
  6. ill Neal

    The 2013 Holiday movie poll discussion

    you had me at "ed Begley jr."
  7. haha, didn't they make this movie with mickey rourke and Melissa tomei?
  8. ill Neal

    Ed (1996)

    oh yeah also? JACK WARDEN! jack warden, guys!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!
  9. ill Neal

    Ed (1996)

    i attempted to recommend this a while ago, but couldn't find the clip online that inspired me to recommend it in the first place. without that clip i gave up. the clip in question was a musical montage where Ed... the chimpanzee... plays sober driver to a drunken, passed out matt leblanc. it's 3 minutes of insanity that caps off a film that... well, read the description!! i first heard of this movie through AVClub's "i watched this on purpose" feature. but that article is probably 5 years old so the video clips don't link well.
  10. uh... guys? this is a GOOD movie, with a cult following. it has no place on HDTGM!!! seriously this is one my dad's favorite films. -john bigbootie
  11. ill Neal

    Hard Rain (1998)

    dude I actually liked this movie! correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't this a john woo film? if not, it was done shortly after john woo directed slater in "broken arrow". i don't remember much about this movie except for a kind, elderly armored car guard who is gunned down mercilessly, a jet ski chase through a flooded graveyard (!!), and also how dark this film is. not like, thematically, but as in the entire film takes place at night, in rainfall. yeah this one gets my vote as well!
  12. ill Neal

    Meet Dave

    MEET DAVE!!!! I saw this movie a few years ago! it was crazy. that's all I remembered. if you guys like modern-day eddie murphy sci-fi adventures (and I know you do), I feel like this is a good compliment to "pluto nash". now I feel like I need to rewatch it. HEY EARWOLF WHAT'S WITH THE SELECTIVE AUTOCORRECT? you are forcefully capitalizing my "I"s (which is something I don't do in casual writing), but allowing me to misspell words and doing nothing about it?
  13. ill Neal

    Episode 48 — Priest of Judas

    what strikes me as funny about this is that if you remember back to sir Richard's introduction (which was also one of the best moments of the show), he offers to explain his missing hand but none of the rest of the group care. I think brian spoke for the rest of the group when he straight up declined to hear the backstory of his missing hand. and here we are, some 25 episodes later, and we're just now discovering why he is missing a hand... WE discovered it. the listeners. the crew in the game still don't know, and probably don't care..!
  14. ill Neal

    Episode 48 — Priest of Judas

    as someone who has never played before (but totally wants to and am still trying to find a game in my area), i'm disappointed to hear that typical "dread" of a new player coming from an experienced player. but all of that being said, I thought DA was awesome, and pretty inspiring to someone who hasn't played before! sark had a good point in that anyone who is familiar with playing video games should also be familiar with the basic structure of D&D. i could see that. for a podcast, and for the pace of the game, the amount of players on NP is probably ideal. there's not much room to add more people, i get it. but i would totally enjoy having him coming back with his own character!