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    Episode 32 — Female Body Inspector

    I wish there could be a side podcast of the hosts and guests doing Elissa from Big Brother impressions, because I enjoyed the hell out of it
  2. mellib16

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    HOTHOTHOT show. Loving the discussions of Big Brother, because I think that show is wonderfully crazy. I wish they would have played exactly how many times Elissa (and, yes, that's how she spells it) said One-piece in that whole segment of the show. Love the show
  3. Can there please be a Jack and Jill episode? Just to hear June defend it.
  4. mellib16

    Episode 127 — White Trash

    I feel like White Trash is definitely a racist term, because it makes note of this white person being poor and trash. To me, it implies that other races are typically poor.