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  1. There's a certain type of nerd that loves things so much they want it to be exactly what they want and if it deviates even slightly from their expectations it becomes the worst thing in the world. Also, previous eps: F&P 1 (ep 120) F&P 2 (ep 166)
  2. chmod

    Episode 127 — LIVE from Bridgetown 2013

    I attended that show. There were some things going wrong that sapped the energy from that room well before anyone was on the stage. First, the venue is a rock club, there's a bar along one wall, and some chairs and tables in a raised area way in the back. For comedy shows the main floor is usually filled with folding chairs. I say usually, because for some reason at this show there was only 2 rows of chairs, enough for about 10-15 people to sit at the front of the room. So there was a few people sitting at the front, and then some people sitting way in the back of the room, and then a few people standing around in the middle. I saw more than a few people come in, see that there was no seating and leave, not wanting to stand for the whole show. The combination of the audience being split up, and people standing, and a lot of distractions meant there was very limited energy from the audience. Second, the show was at the same time as a live Walk the Room. I'm sure there's a bit of cross over audience for that, and I think Whooch ended up drawing the short straw for audience size, they certainly got stuck with the lesser venue. Both Howard and Peter Serafinowicz seemed pretty zoned out, but the actual content of the show is pretty solid with some very funny moments. It was just a weird, low energy experience.
  3. chmod

    Episode 139 — I Hate Everyone

    Pretty sure this idea originated, at least in the popular zeitgeist, with Dirty Harry where it was pretty clear that he was racist, and homophobic and misogynist, etc. It was someone else defending him though, saying you couldn't take it personally because he was an asshole to everyone. I can't imagine anyone self describing themselves this way as an excuse or justification for anything though. Also, within the movie it was part of painting the character as a pretty unlikable, really a bad guy who did good but in a pretty bad way. It wasn't seen as an acceptable trait 42 years ago when the movie came out, and that was a time when overt racism, misogyny, and homophobia was still pretty well accepted. It should tell you something about trying to pull it today.
  4. chmod

    This topic is to save you all time

    Yes, you are racist.
  5. chmod

    Episode 127 — White Trash

    caveat, I haven't listened to the ep yet. But yes, the term "white trash" is racist, and no it's not racist towards white people. It's racist because it emphasizes the importance of the target being white, which implies that if they were not white then well of course they'd be trash, but since they are white then we expect better. Mellib said basically the same thing already above.