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    The Ultimate Dice

    I just returned to the forums for the first time since Sark left. While browsing I noticed this thread and felt it was a good (safe) place to post this. I do an improv D&D comedy show with a buddy of mine. We use giant dice to determine everything in the show, classes/story/mobs/encounters/ect. Occasionally we get requests to buy the dice we use. As we are broke ass actors, when I have time I will make a few to sell. So while crafting the one of these things I decided to listen to some old nerd poker episodes. My girlfriend walked into the room while I was working and said "are you listening to a podcast about D&D while crafting a giant 20 sided die?" "I sure am" I said with a strange confidence. She just nodded and left the room. I assume to sign up for match.com.
  2. stickfigurehero

    Black Knight

    Agreed. That was just a small example off which I have many more. I think it just struck me harder because he was such the opposite. I'm sure everyone says shit like that in interviews but I assume most people are at least quasi decent, making it just an exaggeration instead of a total fabrication. Martin aside though it wasn't a bad experience. Just about everyone else was great and worked really hard. Like I said before, Tom Wilkinson was amazing. He was constantly involved and on set. If he had a stand in I don't ever remember seeing him. I remember them shooting fight scenes with Tom where you didn't even see his face in the playback. He was just always on set being a super chill guy. I was a fan of his before but after working with him I will support him in anything he does. 100% professional.
  3. stickfigurehero

    Black Knight

    On the long shot that they do this I would be glad to offer up stories and info I have. In addition to being totally unprofessional and NOT AN ACTOR, Martin is 100% full of shit. In every post production interview I saw he went on and on about how much fun he had with the cast and crew, always joking around etc. Total bullshit. I don't even think he considered the extras to be people. Myself and the stunt team would only be acknowledged to be reminded that his safety was of the utmost importance. It seemed like the cast only spoke to him if it was scripted. He was just a walking mix tape of humanity's shittiest attributes. I forgot to add that the character "Dennis" was played by a good friend of mine. If HDTGM does decide to do thisthis fuckstory of a movie I'm sure he could also provide some amusing facts.
  4. stickfigurehero

    Black Knight

    I did stunts for this steaming pile. Every day on set with Tom Wilkinson I wondered who he owed the massive favor to in order to agree to do this. He's an amazing dude and never shit taked the film to me, but you could see on his face while waiting for setups that he was dying inside. Also fuuuuuuuuck Martin. I have a bunch of stories about what a massive d-bag that guy is, starting with him delaying production for at least a month in order to create a mini basketball court in the back lot near his trailer compound. To date it's the biggest film I've done however I will often deny that I had anything to do with it and actively discourage people from watching it. Please rip this movie apart for me and anyone else still forced to include it on their resume. Fml
  5. This is on television right now. I managed to have not seen it until this moment, though I have seen the south park parody and read/heard everything that everyone else has already but... Holy living fuck. It's so bad. Like stunningly awful in every scene. I am aware that many jokes have been made already but I would love to listen to the show's take on this. They don't even have to talk about how unbelievably insane the plot is. This is just a god awful movie on every level. I literally spent the majority of the movie too stunned to even make jokes about what I was seeing. It's like they decided to shop the film out to a college film major who does nothing but smoke meth and listen to coast to coast am. I want to see HDTGM do this just to see if they can manage to cover even 10% of the insanity that is that pile of shit. I wouldn't even know where to start.
  6. stickfigurehero

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    Bracing for the logical reroll. A giant barbarian bull dyke named Amartha. I'm sure Brian drew boobs on his character sheet anyhow.
  7. stickfigurehero

    Blaine Capatch

    Hipsters eh? I should have known. However I refuse to let them ruin vinyl for me.
  8. stickfigurehero

    Blaine Capatch

    When my machine is complete and ready to take you back to the 80's when people sold cassettes.
  9. stickfigurehero

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    Children's chewable morphine. Bedtime is now anytime! From the makers Uncle Jack Daniels cough syrup.
  10. stickfigurehero

    "Crazy shit that happened in old adventures" segment name

    Now you guys should do a segment where you talk about when you used to talk about old games. Let's reminice about reminicing.
  11. stickfigurehero

    Questions for Sark

    My friends and I just got this and holy shit is it awesome. We all live in different areas of the country and it makes it possible for us to play. The voice chat component is kinda whack (not that it would be an issue for you guys) but thats easily solvable with ventrilo or another chat client. Functionally the program is great. The DM has tons of options for icons, maps, ect. You can even use "fog of war" and only reveal parts of the map at a time to the players. Also I have to say, paying the TENBUX for the DnD character creator was the best money I have spent in a while. I have never had an easier time making a D&D character. I just realized it looks like I get kick backs or something from those companies, but honestly I am just a happy nerd who has discovered some cool shit I would have stabbed a man for 10 years ago.
  12. stickfigurehero

    Hey here is a possibly terrible idea...

    Hey don't give me a reason to actually watch that channel.
  13. stickfigurehero

    Hey here is a possibly terrible idea...

    As I was thinking about the rally get Mr. Vin Diesel had an idea for a future show possibly. I haven't thought about the exact details but maybe the guys (and lady) could hold some sort of contest for a guest sit in. Something where the winner (after a screen or something to make sure they won't loveknife one of you guys) gets to sit in the game for a session, possibly have Sark give him/her a random NPC to control. Now I have no idea what the contest would be or if they just wanted to pick someone at random. I just think it would be cool as shit to sit in on that sweet nerd on nerd action. However I live on the east coast so I am out of the running even if this did happen, but hey, it would be sweet for somebody. If this idea is insane bullshit just ignore me I will show myself out.....
  14. stickfigurehero

    Blackie Greene

    Ok maybe not Blaine. But I sure as shit could use a little to understand your unnecessarily convoluted metaphors.
  15. stickfigurehero

    "Crazy shit that happened in old adventures" segment name

    "This shit never happened" "Basment virgin chronlicles" "slightly more entertaining than talking about your dreams"