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    The Eulogy Thread

    The Lament Of Ser Richard (a parody of The lament of captain P, by Eledainn): On the smoky floor of that cavern, A silhouette did stand. A brave and stalwart paladin Who gave a helpin' hand. Without fail, on every whim, Which he did demand, He simply prayed to bahamut, And blasted light from his hand. Chorus: Farewell to thee, Ser Richard, Your ship has sailed to sea. We'll tip our hats and pray one day To be as great as thee. Paladin Rich, you'll never know the emptiness inside As we sit ashore on Glennishmore , waitin' for a ride. A cavern blast on that fateful day, That silhouette did fade. Where once we found Ser Richard Only scattered winds remained. The stormy sea went silent On that dark and dreary day. But come along, my friends, Let's raise a glass up for his name! –Chorus– So when you find yourself lamenting In that lonely cave, Watching as the rocks fall down, And dryin' off your tears, Believe in what he stood for, And I know that he’ll survive. Inside our hearts dear Ser Richard Will always be alive! –Chorus–
  2. Gstrongarm

    Episode 21 — Take The Lord's Crown!

    Made my day when I saw this. Thanks guys!