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    Episode 24 — For Glinishmore and Bahamut!

    Told you... it was a sidequest! But damn, I didn't expect this glorious outcome! On a sidenote; Babylon 5 Spoilers (yeah!): Sark, Sir Richard = John Sheridan?
  2. AmonCrowley

    Episode 23 — Anybody's Game

  3. AmonCrowley

    Episode 23 — Anybody's Game

    Ohhh finaly some good news from this guy! Seriously this had the feel of everything going wrong but Sark doing his best do keep the group alive for the narrative sake. Which is awesome! The part in fantasy Glinish Moore was fantastic....even more because I think he made it up on the spot. The final attack from the serpent almost killed me. Wow! Brians final WTF about Sir Richards new appearance was almost too much ^^. PS: I was rewatching Metalocalypse and recognised a voice....holy shit....Melmord Fjordslorn!!! PPS: I want to hear "Volbeat - Fallen" in the background when Sir Richard wanders his last heroic steps on that plane! For Glinish Moore, make it happen! And If the group survives please "Manowar - Carry On" ^^.
  4. AmonCrowley

    Episode 22 — Locked In Combat

    "Heavy Metal is about being pissed off, about being a warlord.".... Minus the comma and you have Brian! That you don't get me wrong.... he is pissed off about always beeing so awesome --> Metal!
  5. AmonCrowley

    Episode 21 — Take The Lord's Crown!

    They are on a side-quest now, so they should return to their main mission after the battle. I've got D&D experience from Baldurs Gate I+II (and Neverwinter Nights). As a noob I always choose lawful good as alignment, but drifted always....always to chaotic neutral. I think this group is no different. They want to be good but are in fact neutral / chaotic neutral. With the exception of Brian who is neutral evil and Sir Richard who is lawful good (as a Paladin should be). This also explains why they can't stand each other .