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  1. PurplePerp

    What is the greatest episode of Nerd Poker?

    This is so hard!! "let's get ready to rumble" is one of my favorites, but "in search of gear" is what hooked me for life. I have El Ryan's deadpanned "I disrobe" as the text-tone for my buddy who takes his shirt off a lot. I literally still remember where I was when I first heard it: on the light rail with all my luggage for Christmas break, dropping things because I was laughing so hard and everyone on the train staring at me. Classic. We should do Nerd Poker awards!! Each player get's their 'best episode' award, award for best botch, best rp'd moment, best npc (gotta include sarc), fan favorite character, best fight, best Blaine ad, most disturbing Sark creation, etc.. We could set up voting!
  2. PurplePerp

    Is anyone else liking Damien more than Amarth?

    I read this in Brian's throaty 'Nerd Poker' metal voice from the beginning of the show. Thank you for the giggles, sir. I think that this is actually really true of the characters though--Amarth was like old school metal, simple (stupid) but hard (strong) as fuck. He reminds me of a guy from a biker gang or something. He wants to headbang and get drunk, to have fun with his buddies, but he wont pass up a chance for some rape or murder if it behooves him. He acts like a badass and backs it up. Damien? He's more like a 90's wanabee, on the goth/emo end of the metalhead spectrum. He's evil... but only because he thinks it's cool. He's emotional and vindictive and thinks the world is out to get him. He wouldn't just kill an unarmed prisoner for the good of the group, he'd roll his eyes and mumble about why they were taking a prisoner in the first place, and then command her to stop breathing. That's how I see it at least! Two sides of the same METAL coin.
  3. Thank you so much for this list, kind sir. We owe you! My favorite is still: Brought to you by Legs! Running, jumping, kicking, climbing Leeeeeegs! From the makers of Arms.
  4. PurplePerp

    Episode 41 — Double Time

    Seriously?!? How the fuck did everyone not get that Stargoyle sucked Mildred's soul fragment into his tiny singularity?! Literally Sark was so obvious about it, unless Im crazy. Also, the stuff about Blaine was hillaious in the beginning. A great episode overall. Except I think Amarth should have at least tried to Kool Aide man the wall, just sayin.
  5. PurplePerp

    Episode 39 — Mildred Awakens

    Oh my god, this episode was great, but for Gods sake, Mildred AWAKENS, she doesnt AWAKES!!! This bugs me more than it should!!
  6. PurplePerp

    Questions for Sark

    Mister Sarkington, Do you think that next time (Bahamut forbid) the gang has to skip an episode, you could do a solo DM update type episode? Like, discuss the things you've had to wing, what the gang has done that shocked you, what could have happened, etc? I just think that would be so awesome, plus you are everyone's favorite F of BP&F! Thanks. Stay sexy my friend.
  7. PurplePerp

    Character Drawings

    I'm dying. This is so perfect. Worth the wait! Thank you for this. Literal Lols
  8. PurplePerp

    Episode 35 — Inside the Black Tower

    WOW missed the show. I was giggling my pants off. I looove Blackie Green--doesn't talk or give imput for like ten minutes, then someone suggests he should be his usual knowledge boss self and so he just casually tosses a 19 in the dice tray (which sounds kind of sexual btw). No wonder he talks in the third person. Also, anyone else think Sark pushed them a bit to follow the yellow lense road? I wouldn't be surprised if he made that up after their last session out of super frustration that they wen DOWN not up.... Like, what? Does that make sense to anyone? They play that clip from Die Hard all the time but the climax was on the top floor...no? In conclusion, Sir Richard is hilarious and Sark should marry me. Great episode
  9. PurplePerp

    Character Drawings

    So epic. Best framing ever. This would be the cover for the nerd poker graphic novel spin off.
  10. PurplePerp

    Character Drawings

    Oh gosh... wow. I... The more I look the creepier it gets. The girls in the background are all smiling. Wow. I'm laughing and sort of throwing up in my mouth. Nice.
  11. PurplePerp

    Character Drawings

    Still waiting for the epic Amarth Mildred love scene.... I think everyone who can draw is too disgusted by the images in their heads to make this happen! haha
  12. PurplePerp

    please no more "fly like an eagle" intro to my fave segment

    I feel like you're still catching up, but let me tell you, there is good news and bad news. The good news is you don't have to hear that (awesome and kind of hilarious) song as thee intro to your fav segment for many more episodes! The bad news is they just sort of eventually abandon that segment entirely. We haven't heard it in ages, which kind of sucks. Episodes should just be longer. Happy listening!
  13. PurplePerp

    Episode 25 — The Locker Gifts

    Wow I can't believe it's been that long! Anyway I loved this episode--while I love fighting and action, I think these "slower" episodes really shine for character "development" and Sark's creativity and storytelling is AMAZING. That man....yum. We should start a drinking game for Nerd poker. Every time Sark says "sort of," would be first on the list. Blackee is so awesome BTW! If you think about it, he's this incredibly smart, incredibly beautiful man with this squad of crazy shit-stupid goons around him being assholes while he and Stargoyle figure things out and are actually thinking. What better familiar than Stargoyle?! I cant handle the cute!
  14. PurplePerp

    Episode 23 — Anybody's Game

    So the actual spelling is Glennishmoore I think And this gave me an idea... Heeling Morons if only it was heAling morons, it would be so damn perfect! I wouldn't put it past them.
  15. PurplePerp

    Questions for Sark

    Sark! The code word for your secret phone rolls should be like, a sighing raspberry lip-flapping sound. It's distinct but not suspicious. I need to know now that you said it! I was listening like crazy for it last episode but I couldn't tell. Also, did you role play with Gerry a little bit before he came back to figure out where he was "starting" in relation to the others, or did you just tell him what was going on off mic? Why is he missing a hand, did he just choose that? Any-hoo, you are awesome, stay incredibly sexy. Thanks!