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  1. Andy was very good I thought. A gentleman. Which forum hound is on there next week? How do we feel about 'forum hound'? I think it's good, like a hound sniffing out scoops and laughs?* We could howl at each other irl to see if we're from the forum? Just a thought, let me know. *and eating out pussy!! More dry British wit for you.
  2. Here in the United Kingdom cronuts are called 'crow nuts' and they are boiled crow testes. Just joking. Dry British wit.
  3. Good stuff guys Great stuff guys (upgraded ya for free)
  4. mattyzmatty

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    One of the first things I noticed about i4h (other than it's funny and owns) was that Matt will just use the other performers' names. And I thought it was a really good idea. It cuts through guys standing around trying to make up funny names so that they can get to whatever is really funny about the scene. And then when somebody does make up a funny name it has an impact because you've not been listening to forty straight minutes of 'Hello! My name is Ignatius Bumparple!'
  5. mattyzmatty

    Episode 34 — David Wain, Our Close Friend

    Well done everybody. Congrats.
  6. Shit I thought I was signed in to my Freja account. Please ignore.
  7. haven't seen Common Sence on here in a while... anybody hear from that guy?
  8. Listen I've seen enough adverts (UK speak for commercials) to know that all men are little more than dogs with shirts on, basically totally useless idiots who don't even know how to work a bloody (UK speak for freakin) washing machine for God's sake! edit hmm not happy with that post, I guess I was joking. I don't know. Whatever. you know what I've not been the same since Paul Walker left us
  9. Cornish Gay Men is a dating website
  10. If you're wondering what a Cornish Game Hen is, it's a hen you eat when you're at the LAN party or a Game Jam.
  11. Um, men are not people. Check your privilege.
  12. The oldest and most popular Cornish tradition is Tencey Day, when one of the village's virgins is selected at random, trapped inside a canvas tent and burned to death.
  13. Rust turns into a goblin and crawls under the carpet
  14. Can anyone confirm/deny whether Popcorn Gallery makes a long awaited return? Gotta find out if this shit is worth my while.
  15. Yes but I do think we need some celebs to get on the side of independence. Obviously for switched on individuals such as for example myself, it's easy to see the benefits and I don't need some two-bit TV actor telling me what to do. But to get real public support, by which I mean from all the people in Straw Dogs towns out in the middle of God only knows where, we need to get some famous faces. For example the guy off The Sopranos?