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    Episode 136 - Hell Comes to Frogtown: LIVE!

    Those kids always looked WRECKED by the time it was over! I loved that show too and watched it all the time and I feel like I can only remember a handful of teams actually making it through the the temple at the end and winning. I've caught episodes as an adult and still thought it looks fucking hard to win
  2. AprilSutter

    Episode 136 - Hell Comes to Frogtown: LIVE!

    I prefer them too! Their energy is so over the top and they feed off of each other and the audience so well...it makes it much more exciting to listen to. Especially when the audience goes all out like when they made BIM marks for The Apple episode. I almost died laughing when they played the 'shut your hole!' clip especially Natasha and Moshe saying it. Doubly so when Moshe repeats it and says it to Jason
  3. AprilSutter

    Practical Magic (1998)

    Couldn't agree more!! Nicole Kidman was at her most beautiful red headed self and Sandra was cute too. The whole cast is great, the aunts house is my freaking dream home, and this movie has a great soundtrack! http://hookedonhouses.net/2009/10/25/practical-magic-a-victorian-house-fit-for-a-witch/