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  1. In the meantime, please check out my pal's Kickstarter. Super cheap. He drew a few of our characters from Nerd Poker as well... For as little as 15 bucks you'll get a ton of the best and most imaginative fantasy art being produced today. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cadenceselect/danddandd-the-tabletop-fantasy-art-of-tom-fowler?ref=thanks_tweet Hope you check it out, and hope you jump into Tom Fowler's world. Cheers.
  2. GerryDuggan

    Episode 64 — LED Hula Hoops

    Hmm. What a fascinating question.
  3. GerryDuggan

    No new episode this week? 01/08/14

    we're rolling tonight but i am sick as a parrot now...
  4. GerryDuggan

    Drunken Roll Play

    A pal reminded me that Sir Richard in his cup reminded him of an episode with a fella from Jamaica that was scamming people around the world by offering millions from a "global lottery" if we sent the tax money first. I strung him along for months, and here are a couple of the pieces. So here's more fake-drunkeness. Nerd Poker is back next week - gerry
  5. GerryDuggan

    Episode 54 — Wolf Whisper

    Thanks, I think you'll enjoy them. Cheers! Gerry
  6. GerryDuggan

    Episode 52 — I Would Walk 500 Miles

    Do you have a website? Deviant art? twitter? tumblr?
  7. GerryDuggan

    Episode 52 — I Would Walk 500 Miles

    Did you draw this?
  8. I don't want to say that coming to one of the signings will increase your chances of going to Glinnishmore when you die, but it couldn't hurt. Gerry See us at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, Comic Cellar in Alhambra, or Beach Ball in Anaheim. Details on the signings here: http://gerryduggan.com/post/68108334190/get-your-comics-signed
  9. GerryDuggan

    Character Drawings

    LOVE IT - Killer job. I love the Dr. Strange-inspired cape most of all. Keep up the wonderful work.
  10. GerryDuggan

    Character Drawings

  11. GerryDuggan

    I'm selling my 4ed players handbook 1 and 2

    We are two ships passing through the night through parallel and colliding universes! I'll ship to Canada. It says I won't? I don't ebay much - but now that my son is 4 and has lots of toys and I have tons of books I need to fight a war on clutter.
  12. GerryDuggan

    Gerry's Dice

    I bought mine at comic con
  13. Now that we're returning home to 2nd ed - I'm selling my players handbooks both volumes. I'll kick in my 4th ed character sheet for Sir Richard which is BEYOND illegibility in most places. If you don't have the books and you want them, here's a chance to get them for a steal: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=331045684091 enjoy! and thanks for listening to the show. we always enjoy the chats, art and photoshops in here. Keep up the good work! Gerry
  14. GerryDuggan

    Character Drawings

    these are FANTASTIC - great job
  15. GerryDuggan

    Episode 32 — Sir Richard In Disguise

    Delightful work! Really made me laugh.