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  1. On this week’s TWO CHARTED your hosts, Kuku Kulap Vilaysack and Howard Woward Kremer, talk about finishing recording Howard’s new album ‘Summah This, Summah That’, doing ‘Getting Doug With High’, and playing ‘Jaws is Better’ with Dan Harmon. Plus Kulap counts down a very exciting wiek that was, and talks about finding peace in her silverware drawer. Sake!
  2. Hey Don! Email me ele@earwolf.com if you want to debate John! We'd love to have you on the show!
  3. Ele

    Episode 111 — Live from LA / Mothers

    Hesus! Are you doing alright now? Ignore what the doctors say, too much laughter can be hazardous to your health.
  4. Ele

    Show us your Earwolf swag!!

    Anyone have any pictures of them in the new Earwolf swag? Lim. Edish CBB shirts anyone?
  5. Ele

    Guest suggestions

    Have you listened to his episode yet? http://www.earwolf.com/episode/double-or-nothing/
  6. Ele

    Guest suggestions

    I'd love to see more Scott Adsit around the Earwolf shows!
  7. Ele

    NEW FAN SHOW- Earhump Submissions

    Great theme song.
  8. Ele

    Episode 131.5 — 06/07/13 TWO CHARTED 70

  9. Ele

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    Here's the current schedule. So far no HDTGM on the docket, but we still have some empty dates we are hoping to fill! Fingers crossed! 6/13- improv4humans with TBD guest 6/20- Fogelnest Files with Todd Glass 6/27- Who Charted? with guest TBD 7/11- Improv4humans 7/18-Ronna & Beverly with the Sklar Brothers 7/25 - Who Charted? with guest TBD 8/8 - The Fogelnest Files with guest TBD 8/15 - Sklarbro Country with exciting mystery guest! 8/29- Who Charted? 9/5- Improv4Humans 9/12 - The Fogelnest Files 9/26 - Sklarbro Country
  10. Ele

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    Tonight people! Ear.wf/11m1h3x
  11. Ele

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    I'm getting really excited about tomorrow night's VPN. Howard, Kulap & Fogelnest? Yes please.