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  1. J Linc

    A Serbian Film (2010)

    Although not as graphic, something like either version of "Funny Games" to me is very similar to "A Serbian Film."
  2. J Linc

    Guests to Recommend

    Who else would like an official thread to recommend potential guests you'd think would be great for the podcast? . . . Just me? Some recommendations: - Seth Andrews for "Atheism Vol. 2" or "Religious Upbringing Vol. 2" http://www.thethinkingatheist.com/ - Benjamin Radford for "Skepticism" http://benjaminradford.com/ - Aubrey de Grey for "Aging" http://en.wikipedia..../Aubrey_de_Grey - Cara Santa Maria for "Neuroscience" or "The Brain Vol. 2" http://carasantamaria.com/ - Kyle Munkittrick for "Bioethics" or "Selfhood/What is the Self?" http://www.poptranshumanism.com/ - George Dvorsky for "Transhumanism" or "Personhood/Are Some Animals Non-Human Persons?" http://www.sentientdevelopments.com/ - Nick Bostrom for "Are We Living in A Simulation?" http://www.nickbostrom.com/
  3. Has anyone tried to add my suggested titles yet to the database?
  4. Some random titles to consider adding to the FYI database . . . "Island of Death" http://www.rottentom...sland_of_death/ "The Eighteenth Angel" http://www.rottentom...ghteenth_angel/ "Seamless" http://www.rottentom...03248-seamless/ "Dish Dogs" http://www.rottentom...om/m/dish_dogs/ "I've Been Waiting for You" http://www.rottentom...aiting_for_you/ "The Clown at Midnight" http://www.rottentom...wn_at_midnight/ "Tell Me No Lies" http://www.rottentom...ell_me_no_lies/ "Devil's Prey" http://www.rottentom.../m/devils_prey/ "Cruel Intentions 3" http://www.rottentom...l-intentions-3/ "Screamers: The Hunting" http://www.rottentom...rs_the_hunting/ "Against the Dark" http://www.rottentom...ainst_the_dark/ "Wild Things 2" http://www.rottentom.../wild_things_2/ "Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough" http://www.rottentom...s_in_the_rough/ "Wild Things: Foursome" http://www.rottentom..._foursome-2009/ "The Lost" http://www.rottentom...com/m/the-lost/ "Offspring" http://www.rottentom...6012-offspring/ "Grotesque" http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/gurotesuku/
  5. Nice to know of fellow "Buffy" fans around here.
  6. Tag suggestion: "Prequelitis" or "Prequel-itis" with explanation "When looking backwards is looking up one's ass" or "The less is known, the better" (or, maybe even "What happened to a little mystery or ambiguity?").
  7. J Linc


    What about titles that aren't listed on Rotten Tomatoes (i.e. are straight-to-DVD, foreign or are not well known)?
  8. J Linc


    There's quite a few, but it would be much easier to just be able to link both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb if possible . . . ? I promise, they are real/legit movies.
  9. J Linc


    Would there be any way to include IMDb as another resource to obtain movie titles from to submit as recommendations? Some worthy options are not available or found through your search via Rotten Tomatoes, so I just thought that might be worth some thought. . . . ?
  10. J Linc

    A Serbian Film (2010)

    Perhaps it's an episode then for just Paul, Jason and a guest.
  11. J Linc

    Simply Irresistible (1999)

    Again, will just have to agree to disagree.
  12. J Linc

    A Serbian Film (2010)

    All the more reason to want to hear Jason freak the frick out about it!
  13. A highly controversial movie from Serbia, screened at many festivals and eventually banned in quite a few countries. The original, uncut/uncensored version of the film can be found on DVD or can be found (illegally, obviously) on YouTube. Definitely an extremely disturbing movie to say the least, but if the "HDTGM?" gang can handle certain aspects of something like "Sleepaway Camp," I think they'll be able to ultimately get through something like "A Serbian Film."
  14. J Linc

    Simply Irresistible (1999)

    Considering her work on "Buffy" (not to mention her two guest spots on "Angel") as well as some of her film work including the likes of "Cruel Intentions" and "Veronika Decides to Die," I'll have to very much agree to disagree on that. She's underrated/underestimated, in my opinion.