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  1. Juan Swarlos

    EPISODE 119 β€” Friends, Our Close Friends

    Fuck: Corpsefucker Shitlord Marry: Norm Kill and wear their skin while browsing the forums: greggy
  2. Juan Swarlos

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    Anybody else see Iggy Azalea's nod to this weeks HH Number 1 Cheeba Crow
  3. BE ADVISED THIS POST IS NOT CROW RELATED Did anyone else get an ad on the earwolf homepage for World of Paella? I honestly cannot figure out what (diabolical?) entity is behind this website and why it was advertised. Is there a paella lobby out there trying to propagate knowledge of what paella is and how to make it? Am I a prawn in their grand, delicious scheme? Whatever the ploy was I think at this point I have fallen for it. http://www.worldofpa...OnPoster=1#home
  4. This guy sure likes to goose it. Just like Jimmie Johnson at the TALLEDEGA FIVE HUNDY YEE HAW!!! #bartalk
  5. What did you think about that part with the potatoes All alone up there...cut a potato in half...everyone knows what that brings to mind. #boobs
  6. I try to model my sexytimes after reanimated Earwolfman Jack as well.
  7. Over it. Set up an online dating profile yesterday. Even mentioned HH in the profile (sure to land me tons of poon). Saving it for when I get the pro version. Might settle for a like from Hayzie Bone. And this joke...its going to blow everybody's dicks off
  8. Ok I was left off the list...no big deal...clearly a Dr. Frog power move...should I say something? Eh f-ck it I'm above all this political forum bullsh-t. They'll probably get over this whole list thing in a couple pages anyway. G-ddammit.
  9. Also agree with soup that Dreidel needs to spill the beans on this chanson situation
  10. So this is what it feels like to have your heart ripped out of your skellington and put through a meat grinder. Thought we had something back on page 4...17 pages later and this new guy is blowing up my spot and probably doesn't even own a lobster suit!!!
  11. Always with the GoT spoilers on this forum.
  12. Almost no problem eh? Figures Hayes is saving all the juicy JDepp gossip for greggys show. Thats the sort of showbiz talk I expect on HH-book!
  13. How many posts needed before you can use this as a dating website Male Chicago Blonde Well Groomed Lobster Suit Enjoy getting treats and being called a good boy
  14. I'd like to be the first to congratulate Mark on opening up a new franchise in the alley directly adjacent to my bedroom window. Whoever he has running this one is a real pro – I don’t know if they are filling the dumpster with marbles first or what, but I wasn’t aware it was humanly possible to make this much noise with simple dumpsters. Guess that’s why I didn’t get the job!
  15. Don't know if this is the right forum for this but...what is marzipan?
  16. What is the best way to make a name for yourself on the first day in a new writers room?
  17. For Hayes: Late last year I was browsing through some celebrity digs online and came across a listing for 'The DavenPort'. Can you walk us through the estate? Over here in the midwest we are not familiar with 'Aquaplanetariums' and yet you appear to have four of them. For Sean: Many people fail to realize that when your performances are referred to as being "so money" that this is now a literal interpretation. Please explain the process and challenges involved with replacing Abraham Linkedin on the new $5 bill.
  18. First they're cards, now they're pdfs...hard enough trying to figure out whats an ad or not these days. Never thought I'd miss a poop band so much. Andy I remember back when you were just a crinkle in Mark's bag. Now you is the entire gallery! Best of luck being podcast famous and I look forward to your next on-air jerk sesh.
  19. Juan Swarlos

    Episode 11 β€” Jake Fogelnest, Our Close Friend

    Hey y'all, just wanted to say that I'm digging the 'cast and its got me bussin' my whole shit off every episode. After the first few HH episodes I actually started listening to RSS (no knowledge of reality shows whatsoever) and am about halfway through...as they say in the biz, "I'm lovin' it!" Any chance of it returning for another series next year? This was probably addressed in the final episode but I'm not there yet! I wouldn't mind getting my ears on an excerpt of American History XXX: Lincoln Logjammin' for scoop purposes.
  20. Juan Swarlos

    Episode 220 β€” 4 PayDays & A Baby

    In which episode did we meet Seth? Can't believe I may have missed a crucial segment of the Wompler Saga.
  21. Juan Swarlos

    Questions for Sark

    I say take it a step further and talk to TLC about dropping some Honey Boo Boo sponsored loot Sark...Blackie would look great in that tux.
  22. Juan Swarlos

    Episode 25 β€” The Locker Gifts

    Doubt Bahamut would approve but I was hoping Sir Richard would pocket those necklaces. The group has been on this damn lawful good kick lately and its a total boner kill! I can only hope Stargoyle is an adorable agent of evil.
  23. Juan Swarlos

    Episode 23 β€” Anybody's Game

    Blaine's ads don't usually crack me up, but the spider one was gold. creepy creepy creepy