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    Bio-Dome (1996)

    This is one of the laziest movies I have ever watched. Shore and Baldwin aren't even trying a little bit. The dialogue often starts off with a zany convo that inevitably disintegrates into idiot noises and dancing in circles. Many of their lines are unintelligible. It's some real garbage, this one.
  2. MadMikesson

    Howard the Duck

    Good lord. This fucking movie. I saw this my sophomore year of college, and while the end credits were rolling, my friend eloquently stated "That's one for the ages." It is indeed. It's the rarest kind of bad movie; so insane it becomes accidentally sublime. This is an almost transcendent movie experience in the worst way. Duck boobs. Duck condoms. The glider parked at a truck stop. "I think I'm dead. YES YOU ARE!" "If you can't take the heat, geehhadddada kitchen!" And the crown jewel, "Musta ate the chili!" God, it just keeps going. Please, please, Paul, Jason, June, do this movie!
  3. MadMikesson

    Pearl Harbor

    Fuck this movie. It would be a treat to hear Jason describe how angry this disaster made him, but I would totally get why Jason, Paul, June (or anyone else for that matter) would not want to sink 3 HOURS OF THIER LIVES into this turdfest. It's basically a dumb soap opera featuring characters too generic to give a shit about set in an idiot version of WWII. Even Ben Affleck's butt-chin couldn't save this quagmire of suckitude.