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  1. AndrewTorriente

    Episode 151 — Japanese Culture Obsession

    Im typing this during the intro, very curious on this. Though I am far from the frightening weaboo types I feel are about to be discussed, I do get a little giddy every time I see Arino Shinya throw up the peace sign. Kaccho On!
  2. AndrewTorriente

    Episode 146 — Phoenix's "Entertainment"

    DAMN IT! Just as I was coming to spit venom on the silliness of this whole discussion I watched that damn video. That being said Phoenix is a band I'd be very reluctant to label as racist. They are French though, and subtle "racism" seems to fly under the radar more often than not . Just look at those beautiful cultured French men. From a strictly audio perspective I likened it more to a holiday esque sound, unfortunately the video pretty much forces your hand by opening with constact cuts of Asian people. That being said couldn't it be considered an homage? For the sake of Honesty I've been a big Phoenix fan for about 8 years so I am certainly biased.
  3. AndrewTorriente

    Episode 1 — Cat Ranch Chaos

    why not just listen to the very entertaining 5 minutes you were just given!? Maybe it's just me, but for me the utterly bizarre premise just makes it all the more interesting. Plus it has Sean Conroy!
  4. mistake, please disregard
  5. I can't really say how I feel. Though I certainly disagree with the person I still had a bit of a bad taste after the segment for whatever reason. I also think it is important to note the difference (not in this case necessarily as the person took to a public forum to voice his oppinion) between a negative/buit in reaction and the reality of how people live their lives and treat others. There are still random instances where I will call something "gay" without even thinking twice(I went to middle school after all...) but that has absolutely no bearing on my relationships with my gay friends. I guess I just feel that the "good" people on anyside should not suffer. Both my parents are very strong christian conservative types and while some of their oppinions may seem limited and drive me up a wall I still respect them just as I would that of a gay/jewish or any other type of person as long as it is not intentionally attacking another group. I feel like people, not groups of people, should be the ones being attacked. It kind of irritated me when you railed on christians so hard a few episodes because it was very one sided and you basically singled them out (and not entirely accurately as islam is JUST as intense in some of the areas if not moreso). I think you are looking too much into the idiots that voice their moronic oppinions and not the average person. I guess I have always struggled with writing off entire (non hate based) groups of people as it seems somewhat hippocritical to the argument of acceptance ( and not i'm not making the be tolerant of intolerance argument!). I'm sure this was an add-addled mess, but I hope I did not entirely misrepresent myself. I also want to note I do not mean that I am in any means offended by making fun of religion. The "thats what jesus would have done" "no he wouldnt!" bug juice skit is one of my all time UCB favorites because it directly attacked those very idiots that misrepresent something. sigh...after rereading this I'm not sure where my point was heading or if it even exists anymore..,
  6. Fantastic episode. I have not seen the youtube video yet which I am looking forward to. I really like all of the guests. Horatio is fantastic as always, and always manages to perfectly place the most ridiculous shit. If I had any criticism at all it would be Ben Schwarz. I really enjoy him as a guest on Earwolf but I felt he took over too many scenes. I am sure Matt encourages such, but I thought it was too much and I started almost just waiting for him to jump in and change the scene... None the less, outstanding!