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    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    I'm a bit confused about Christian's job within this movie. Her sponsor brought her there for a show and tell thing, but she stays for the whole thing and doesn't appear to ever be working, except for the bike boogeying. She spend the rest of the movie completely helping team Rad. Also, her sponsor: Mongoose bikes! she wears her mongoose outfit during the race, but for the rest of the movie, there is no mention of her helping her sponsor rival.
  2. Louisjab

    Episode 130 - The Room (w/ Paul Scheer)

    Hard no for me. I love the movie, and I enjoy watching it from time to time. But this is a terrible movie, whose appeal seems more a product of a movie of this kind being produced at all than from the movie itself. I don't see the point of including it with classics. I wouldn't recommend a friend interested in cinema to see it. And I'm not worried, movies like that don't die. Canon or not, this is a movie that people will remember for a while. However, it is possible that its only redeeming quality is that it doesn't have any redeeming quality. After all, the canon is, in some way, for unforgettable movies, and this is an unforgettable movie. Still no, though.
  3. Louisjab

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    Random questions about the movie: - Why does it have to be a wall at the end? Why not a net or something like that? And why so close? Would it destroy the process if the wall/net was a little further down? - I would understand having some tribute to the twins who died, but just two poorly washed blood stains? It seems so disrespectful to those two people who died in service of the country. And JCVD just makes dumb jokes about it. - How can the bad guys send 3-4 people in the past at a time? They use the prototype, which somehow was a four-seater while the final version only allows for 2 people. - At the briefing at the beginning, the military guy explain that they just invented time travel, and that they need a police force to regulate it, because someone already is using it to steal stuff from the past. They know the one guy who has that technology! "This guy just invented time travel and there was a theft in the past, we'll need a police force to crack that mystery"
  4. Louisjab

    Episode 108 - The Driver (w/ Edgar Wright)

    Really on the fence for this one. It's a really fun film. the plot is tight and lean, very little fat. Loved the performances of Dern and O'Neal. It is the epitomy of "cool". However, it want so much to be cool that it forgets to give me a reason to care about those people. They're not even people, they don't seem to be real.
  5. Louisjab

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    Some thoughts on the movie: - I always prefer my ninjas color-coded. - I can't honestly tell what is Jaguar last name: is it Jaguar One, Jaguar Wong or Jaguar Juan? - I do hope that both caucasian ninjas aren't right-handed, or it will suck for the one who got the left arm of the statue. - It's really nice of them to leave their contact info on the throwing stars. - I'm not sure I get red ninja's master plan. He wants to turn eye-liner and camo ninja against one another, but wouldn't that only make the winner more powerful, as he would have two pieces of the statue?
  6. I feel the same. Although I get the idea (single movie episodes offers the option of no movie joining the canon, while the versus doesn't), I think it hurts the concept of the versus episodes to have a neither options. One has to get in, so pick carefully. I'll go with Juno, because I don't think the last part holds up enough. I think it's a great idea that doesn't completely knows how to go from there.
  7. Louisjab

    Episode 161 - The Fate of the Furious

    - The Rock's baby mama is definitely dead. She's never seen, nor mentioned and the ladies ogling him at the soccer field has a "sexy widower in the neighborhood" kind of vibe. - I like that they mention Brian one time "we all agreed not to include him into this", but in that world, Brian isn't dead, just retired. Could you imagine him hearing about the events of the movie: "Guys guys, I know I said I didn't wanted to do any stupid stunts since I'm a father now, but Dom goes rogue and you didn't even said a word to me about this? Not a word to Mia? His own sister! We're the parents of his nephew and you all decided not to tell us a word of this? Not even when he stole a nuclear football and points a gun at Letty. We're going to have some ground rules on this." - I love that they had the Luke Owens character on the same plane as Statham's, but he didn't even get a chance to kill Charlize Theron. Statham is all "I'm going to kill you for putting my brother's life in danger" while his brother is on that plane! He would be 100 times more justified to want to kill her himself.
  8. Louisjab

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    Glad to have the show back! Thank you Amy and everyone else who had a hand in bringing this show back. I will miss having two regular hosts, as it brings history into the debate. Also, kudos to the commenting crew. Read everything written so far and it seems like you guys didn't miss a beat. As for the movie, I thought it would be an easy yes before I listened, but my conviction wavered a little as the episode went on, but not enough. It's an extremely good mix of comedy with horror elements and blockbuster special effects where each element works. It's very rare. There are so many great lines in this. Aykroyd and Murray are at the top of their games. Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis held their own and got some funny moments too. It may not be great from start to finish, but when it's great, it's exceptional and it's great so often that I'm willing to overlook the moments when it seems disjointed.
  9. Louisjab

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    Lots of good comments, but I would like to add this idea that was overlooked in the podcast: Patusan is the most technologically advanced country on earth. Colonel Chi has a (mostly) fully functional left hand which he can control entirely through his brain. Such a piece of robotics would be cutting-edge technology right now, and they built his somewhere in the late 80's early 90's. That would have been an incredible breakthrough at the time. His robotic half-skull is would be even more advanced (Except for the bluetooth, this we know how to do). Forget wood-carving, those people are master robot builders. Which bring me to the second point: maybe they got all the surfboard so quickly because they didn't carve them all up by hand, but instead used some super robots that only them could develop at the time.
  10. I love that the ultimate proof that the CIA-NSA guy is the traitor is that he's not surprised enough. That's it. That guy has probably served his country for decades, but that one time, he did not look surprised. Traitor. Also, terrorists attack a secret meeting and kill everyone but Toni Collette and that guy. The directors of the entire security community of the country are dead but two people, and the day after, no one cares where one of those is. Not being debriefed, not in protective custody, he's in a abandoned building in Detroit by himself and that's all right with everyone.
  11. I like that when Ice Cube saves the day, he is shown on top of a steel beam already inside the factory. So that means: after 11 years, he finally gets that alarm signal. He gets Vin Diesel's car, drive to the factory like a madman, then, instead of busting through like the cavalry, he parks the car way outside, picks up the grenade launcher that he must keep in the trunk, runs to the factory, sneaks inside, finds a way to climb on some random steel beam and only then, he starts saving the day.
  12. Louisjab

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    My favorite thing is the guy turning the whole thing off at the end. It's been expressed early on that those 2 games are the biggest money making machine in the world. That guy has the control of it, he suddenly became multi-billionaire and he destroys it without even a second thought. I also like that despite Slayers being the most popular game in the world, no one else is good at this. There's this guy that's on this incredible run, and there doesn't seem to be any other good player. Everyone else dies on the first few games. he doesn't even have a rival that would like to be as popular or anything like that. Last comment: the twins show the player their breast, and then go with now that we have your attention, would you like $50M for your character. So we don't know how much $50M is worth in 2034, but for sure we know 4 boobs > $50M.
  13. Louisjab

    Episode 144 - Stealth

    Couple of comments about this movie: 1- For all its supposed ability to learn, EDI makes wild assumptions based on noticing something once. Josh Lucas disobeyed an order on a very specific situation and suddenly EDI decides that it knows the right time to disobey orders. That computer would see someone flip a coin once, and it would be 100% certain that all coin filps land on heads. 2- Those pilots are so good, I'm not sure they need a ground crew. Jessica Biel and Josh Lucas can fly this ultra-rare new plane, and in the meantime, they can also make those advanced calculations to determine the effect of the wind on nuclear fallout and how many people would die if the building fell on its side from the cockpit of their fighter jet in an instant.
  14. Louisjab

    Episode 82: THEY LIVE

    No for me. It's a thoroughly enjoyable movie, but definitely not canon. Roddy Piper is not that good of an actor and there are many bad scenes and even worse lines. I don't get the "it's okay if it looks bad because they meant it that way" argument. So, it's doesn't matter how bad the actor is as long as you meant it that way? What about the other option, like hiring a good actor that can make the bad part right and still look good in all the other scenes.
  15. Louisjab

    Episode 77: SEVEN

    Soft yes. I like it enough, but I can see why people would think it's an empty shell. Biggest surprise: Amy thinking that Mills is the dumbest character she has seen in a while because he doesn't know of Paradise Lost and can't pronounce Marquis de Sade? We live in completely different circles. I had to agree with Devin on this point too: the movie plays with a lot of cliches, and it brings hope before twisting them around. There is some hope in the movie because we bring it. We've seen movies like that before. They will figure the bad guy's M.O. and they will rush and stop him before he can finish his plan. Mills will learn form Somerset's wisdom and he will end up a better detective for it. The movies doesn't give out that many clues about this but we expect it anyway because that how detective movies work. If you rewatch the movies knowing the end and with a darker point of view, it doesn't look like a detective movie, it looks like a tragedy. Two poor men following a trail of breadcrumbs right in the ravine, and picking pace along the way thinking they're going to find a treasure. We think it's a detective story because the movie is cut like a detective story. We follow them all the time, we learn about the clues as they do and we try to solve it as they are. But it's more of an horror story, except that in an horror movie we would see everything form John Doe point of view and Mills and Somerset would simply be the two bumbling detectives falling in the trap the killer planned for them.
  16. Louisjab

    Episode 76: MARATHON MAN

    I'm voting no, too. As much as I like many other films written by William Goldman, this one never clicked with me. I think this movie is saved by the acting, especially Laurence Olivier's. He is so good and so menacing as Szell that he add believability where there should be none. He wasn't even supposed to be there in the first place, and suddenly, everyone is in his pocket. I didn't like all the scenes with the girlfriend. This is a case where the good does outweigh the bad (it's a good movie overall), but it can't completely make up for it. Marathon Man was a fantastic candidate for The Canon, because it was, for me, right there on the line. Even if the movie doesn't make it in, it doesn't mean that you should go towards safer choices.
  17. Louisjab


    I had never seen this movie before and probably wouldn't have if not for this podcast. Thank you very much. This is a wonderful adventure film and I happily voted yay. I see why it reminds so many people of childhood, as this movie has the spontaneity and the exuberance of a child. It can't wait to get to the next scene just to show it to us, in the way a child would show us his drawings or his toys. Errol Flynn carries this movie, and all the qualities of Robin of Locksley are showcased through his interactions with other characters. He is as noble as Prince John is treacherous, as honest as Guy of Gisbourne is perfidious and as daring as Lady Marian is reserved. I hardly see how anyone else could have given such a performance. I watched the movie after I listened to the podcast, and I was surprised to see how brisk the pace is during the archery competition. In what seems like a moment, we are already down to the duel, and even the duel goes very quickly: bullseye, bullseye, move the target, bullseye, split the arrow. A more modern movie would have milked this moment for all its worth (and even more), while this one barely gloss over this incredible achievement. Keep it moving! The only scene that rings weird for me is the feast scene in Sherwood. All the merry men eat what amount to copious quantities of food, while the poor and the injured are in the other part, not at the main banquet and Robin barely ask them if they have eaten, while showing them off to Lady Marian as a proof of his goodness.
  18. The Olympic World for Clean and Jerk (the technique they used in the movie) in Weightlifting is around 585lbs. On a tiny competition in a basement somewhere, two guys obliterated the record by over 100lbs each, and the winner almost doubled it. No big deal, nobody makes a big show out of it. Hercules is treated like a loser for only beating the world record by 170lbs.
  19. Louisjab

    EPISODE 106 — Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    I get that this was Saffron Burrows' birthday, but couldn't the party have waited until after the tests are done? This test is a very crucial last-ditch attempt to save everyone's job and they get hammered the night before. They have to corral and manipulate genetically enhanced killing machines. Wouldn't it have been too much to ask everyone to go to bed early and be fresh for the big day?
  20. Louisjab

    EPISODE 105.5 — MINISODE 105.5

    So... at the beginning, a super shark escaped and was brought back by Thomas Jane. He talks with Michael Rappaport and he tell them that he already raised the out of water fences to protect against further escapes. And then, at the last minutes, it appears that the super shark master plan was to have the humans flood the station so they could escape through those exact same fences? Also, at that point, wouldn't it have made more sense just to wait until the whole thing is submerged and swim over the fences?
  21. Louisjab

    EPISODE 105.5 — MINISODE 105.5

    and cancer. If it's a Nicholas sparks movie, someone either got cancer or will get it. It's his version of the Hitchcock cameo or the shot from inside the trunk for Tarentino.
  22. Louisjab

    EPISODE 105.5 — MINISODE 105.5

    And the shark is a cop. He got mad at her after she ordered sushi
  23. Louisjab

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    No logo of Telefilm Canada at the end. There was a logo of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (the Ontario version of Telefilm Canada) and the tax credits logos, but that was all. There was probably some provincial money, but my guess was that Gooby was financed mostly privately. So, not as much taxpayers money as I tought. They got my money, though, since I rented that crap.
  24. Louisjab

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    Terrific episode. Too bad they ran out of time. By the way, the episode is longer than the runtime of the movie (93 min.) and yet, they still ran out of time. This could have been a two-parter if they didn't have another show after. Lots to say about this movie. Also, I won't be using any character's name except for Rip and Zeus, I just don't remember them. Joan Severance is not employed by Rip's TV network, she works for his agent company. And Kurt Fuller owns her because the network sent tons of business to this agency and her not doing his bidding would cost her employer multiple clients. I think the thing with Zeus' unibrow is that it's supposed to be some kind of stylized Z. Kurt Fuller offers Rip a blank check during his pitch to bring him to the network. A blank check! What if Rip wrote 100 billion dollars on that check (this is 1989 dollars)? Is the network bankrupted right away? Also Kurt Fuller wants Rip because he's the #1 thing on TV. We're led to believe that every one of his fights is more or less like the Super Bowl. It doesn't work, then he creates the Battle of the Tough Guys and it becomes a sensation, an overnight #1 in the ratings. He already won. For $100k plus production costs, he created a ratings juggernaut, then spends the rest of his time trying to destroy Rip, which had to be #2 on the ratings now. Battle of the Tough Guys is the #1 thing on TV, yet no one is interested in seeing it live. Even at the final fight in which every spectator wears either a prom dress or a tuxedo, there is no more than a few hundred people. In fairness, it might be because they might end up as collateral damage. Assisting to this fight could cost you your life. Mark Pellegrino's friend totally gives him up. They go scouting the Zeus fight, Kurt Fuller intercepts them as they leave and says something like "I see we're converting Rip's fans, great". They could leave right there totally unarmed! But his friend has to say that he's Rip's brother, which put him in danger. Mark Pellegrino end up paralyzed, and no one is mad at the friend. After the attempted rape on Joan Severance, Rip leaves her there, goes after the guy, who by now, is fleeing and not a threat anymore for 10 minutes in an elaborate sequence that includes crossing a street with traffic at full speed twice and then he returns to her and ask "Are you OK?" Rip does the jerking off push ups at this incredible speed, then proceeds to jump into the bed all sweaty from the exercise without even a shower. Zeus' training room is covered with posters of Rip, yet he also have a training room with a projection of himself in the mirror. Just to make it clear, he trains against an image of himself, but with posters of his rival on the walls. Shouldn't it be the opposite?
  25. Louisjab

    Episode 83.5 — Minisode 83.5

    Last day before the episode. So, as an appetizer, two trailers for No Holds Barred. The 1989 one, when the WWF tried to sell the action: And the one made for the release of the DVD in 2012(!), when they more or less acknowledge how terrible the movie is: