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  1. Wow guys, I guess Iowa was on the right side of this whole Draftkings business all along.
  2. Hayes beat me by one point, so I am no longer a fan of his podcast.
  3. Hey...who wants to trade for Tony Romo? Just don't check the news first.
  4. I'm having trouble finding this poll
  5. My team has gotten points so far and that's a thing I can appreciate.
  6. Yep, perfect. I'll just need to adjust my draft strategy to ensure a third place victory.
  7. Hey, here's a fun thing: apparently Iowa hasn't gotten around to recognizing fantasy sports as a legal form of gambling, so Draft Kings won't let me make a deposit as long as I have an address in Iowa. Looks like a spot is about to open up in the league unless anybody has any ideas how to get around that.
  8. kbeef2: International Man of Mystery
  9. Did you ever figure out if it's the real Hayes Davenport or just some marry prankster?
  10. This Probst moment is also the source of my forum picture
  11. I thought the H stood for Htrustworthy...
  12. Dibs on J-Law and Bradley Cooper. Starring in "This Will Be Nominated, Whether You Want It To Be Or Not"
  13. Any evening that's not a tuesday works for me. The award for the person who does the best should be called The Pro Version. And the person who does the worst can win The Engineer Cody Award.