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  1. JShutYourFace

    Episode 177.5 β€” 4/25/14 TWO CHARTED 116

    This episode was BEYOND AMAZING. Greatest start to Friday! You guys should do a weekly podcast as well...your chemistry is awesome and I would love to hear more!
  2. JShutYourFace

    Episode 176 β€” Hot Gomer Pyle

    My boyfriend's favorite movies are super hero/sci-fi...I hate them and now I finally have a way to express it. I don't like those "make em ups." It really is perfect.
  3. JShutYourFace

    Episode 175.5 β€” 4/11/14 TWO CHARTED 114

    No NW dates?? Killing me, smalls!! Where is the Portland or Seattle love?? So Sad...
  4. JShutYourFace

    Episode 174.5 β€” 4/4/14 TWO CHARTED 113

    One of my all time favorite moments that I listen to repeatedly is John Daly's reactions to Future and Trey Songz on ep. 94. Amazing...starting at about the 9min mark. Its so many kinds of amazing.
  5. JShutYourFace

    Episode 174 β€” Losing Our Chartginity

    It's working for me. You're boss must be a hater
  6. JShutYourFace

    Episode 174 β€” Losing Our Chartginity

    Great episode! I loved the conversation about your parents....so interesting. Much more comfortable episode than last week. Although I love April...so bring her back for another episode!
  7. JShutYourFace

    Episode 172 β€” Savor This Kulap While You Can

    Kulap, you will be missed! But I CANNOT wait for this documentary. I am so pumped for it. Good luck!
  8. JShutYourFace

    Episode 166 β€” Runnin’ Down Dreams

    Thanks for the Hawks shout out! Pete Carroll is a bad ass. Can't wait to hear more in Two-Charted!
  9. JShutYourFace

    Episode 148 β€” Young Randolph Mantooth

    Hipster Kulap likes retro R. Kelly ironically.
  10. JShutYourFace

    Episode 148 β€” Young Randolph Mantooth

    2007 is newish..... Also, this guest so charming and funny. Loved it! The new segment is great, a nice change from the semi-awkward guest chart.
  11. JShutYourFace

    Episode 147 β€” Zouks, There It Is!

    Oh my god, Jason's bitchy girlfriend list was hilarious....Laughing at my desk like a weirdo.
  12. JShutYourFace

    Episode 5 β€” Burning Man

    I have always wondered that...I used to go to outdoor raves a lot and it was always so weird. Our excuse/reasoning was just that we held these parties soooo far deep into the woods and often had to hike, it wasn't worth law enforcements time or money to get to us. But since this is so organized and planned and every year at the same place, I don't know... I'd imagine that with all the recent, negative press surrounding music festivals and Molly that Burning Man will be semi-shut down or seriously regulated within the next few years... That being said, this episode was super interesting to listen too. I really liked hearing the stoires the past few weeks. Keep it up the great work! I look forward to this every Monday. So fun!
  13. JShutYourFace

    Episode 145 β€” It’s Pronounced Jerry

    It's official, I am absolutely in love with Jenny Slate. She is awesome.
  14. JShutYourFace

    Episode 144 β€” Voice Rolls

    "It's as hard as an astronaut." ....Jesus...I just spit Red Bull all over my desk and company laptop.
  15. JShutYourFace

    Episode 70.5 β€” Minisode 70.5

    Haha I probably listen to too many podcasts...specifically those that focus on pop culture and movies. I work 40-50hrs a week doing data entry and have lots of time to just sit and listen.