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    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Hi guys, here is my question for Paul, I don’t know if it has been asked already, but I thought I would risk it. We all love listening to you debate how films got made, but I have an alternative. I call it “How did this not get made”. The basic question is this: which cancelled film would you like to have seen made and why? Here are a few of my ideas: Empire Strikes Back by David Lynch Watchmen by Terry Gillian Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by Larry Clark Total Recall by David Cronenburg Alien 3 by Vincent Ward (Where it would have been set on a forest planet with monks) Halo by Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson The Hobbit (Directed by Guellmo Del Toro) The Lord of the Rings by John Boorman Superman by Tim Burton (Starring Nicholas Cage) The Stand by George Romero Batman: Year One by Darren Aronofsky Batman vs. Superman by Wolfgang Peterson Personally, my vote goes to "Dune" directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky , starring Salvidor Dali and Orson Wells, designed by H.R Giger and with music composed by Pink Floyd. Apparently the script was so long it would have to be a 14 hour movie! Oh, and Battlefield Earth 2.
  2. Cellemir

    Pimp (2010)

    I would love the gang to have a look at the film "Pimp". It is a low budget British mockumentary starring Danny Dyer that was released in 2010. It is notable for having a 0% approval rating on rotten tomatoes and the curious fact that it was written by Royd Tolkien, who is the great-grandson of J.R. R Tokien. It is probably the worst film I have ever seen, seedy and shoddily made. It also made a whopping £205 at its box office weekend. That is about $314. I think it would be great fun to hear it featured on "How did this get made?"