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  1. RoV

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    But... I like this podcast. All the best to the 4 of you, you deserve every bit of success you all have!
  2. RoV

    Episode 225 — Super Chums

    When I heard Scott not knowing what Glinishmmore was, I knew someone would comment on it. Sir Richard is preparing his Bahamut powered light glove, to strike down Scott for his lack of knowledge...
  3. I liked this one, it's always great when you can hear you're having a great time; and Matt, if you didn't get the name of the videogame character... big deal, the scene was great; and the insult to your movie, unnecessary and childish.
  4. RoV

    Episode 103 — Photography

    Loved this one, the best thing besides name that "pumpy", was to discover that someone in Santiago de Chile also listens to this podcast, and that's awesome.