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    Episode 86 β€” Ernest Goes To Jail

    I watched this movie solely on the recommendation to see hot Evil Ernest and I was not at all disappointed, thanks Lesley and June. It was worth it.
  2. Eringoblah

    Episode 62 β€” Joyful Noise

    Can anyone explain why EVER someone would sing club music to gain an advantage in a GOSPEL SINGING competition, in a room full of people who are already gospel fans?? It makes sense in Sister Act because they introduced upbeat music to a dull mass people were just sitting through. But everyone at the competition ALREADY LIKES GOSPEL MUSIC. Why would you think they're sitting there like, "Boy oh boy, I came here of my own volition to hear gospel but now I just wish someone would awkwardly reword some Chris Brown up in here." Fred Stoller was great, though, especially pointing out who was "good-looking and slim."
  3. Other wacky subplots: Moranis's buddy is an arsonist firefighter, there is often a fake talk show featuring people who married their pets playing in the background of scenes, and his neighbor Jeffrey Tambor is possibly a murderer.
  4. BIG BULLY. Legend has it that Rick Moranis retired in 1997 to raise his two children. That's not true. Rick Moranis retired directly before the filming of this movie. You can actually see Moranis counting the minutes until he can collect his check and leave film forever, while Tom Arnold is trying so hard he is panting. Don't know how to describe the insanity of it starting as a heartwarming family film and devolving into an insane black comedy with these two LITERALLY trying to murder each other. 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MB0FQS5YTU (Premise of this movie is that Rick Moranis's kid is now bullying the son of his childhood bully, Tom Arnold; at no point does it occur to Ricky Mo to tell his son to, like, not do that.)