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  1. I love this show, and I'm sorry for front loading my comment but I have a learning disorder, but he kept saying acronym when he meant initialism. An acronym is a word made from the first letters where as initialism are just the letters. Examples? Sure why not, Acronym = SCUBA. Initialism = FBI. Again love the show, one of my new faves, and I don't mean to correct a made up character on a free podcast for no result, but I have a learning disorder. I also can't tell the difference between cats and dogs... like physically. It's a different disorder. Totally unrelated. So... there's that.
  2. This was the best for me for several reasons, some of them very embarrassing. 1, this was the band that actually killed Nu-Metal for me. 2, Scott saying he likes my favorite band, the Deftones, made me legitimately well up. I don't know why, well that's not entirely true. I guess it's just a great feeling when someone you highly admire likes something that you like. It's like finding out Gary Oldman like U Talking U2 2 Me? 3, I love Todd. That is all.
  3. Scribe

    Episode 173 — Into The Sea!

    First off, love the show. Rooted for you since the contest and listen every week. That being said, and I hate the whole "that being said" tangent, but this one really got to me. IF the events of the Tosh incident had gone down the way you think it went down I would be on your side. But they didn't. Tosh had asked the audience, "What should I talk about?" and an audience member, male, yelled out, "Rape!" To that another audience member, female, yelled at Tosh, "You better not!" To which Tosh replied, "Wouldn't it be funny if she got raped right now?" I would love to hear your interpretations of the actual events. I cannot say whether or not they're still offensive as I am not a woman, but if there is an opinion to be had, I think it should be over the actual events and not a more violent version. Again, love love love love love the show.
  4. I am down right appalled at this thread. The complete avoidance of the main issue has been detestable to the point of vomiting. Vomiting really good food too. Like the kind you wish you hadn't vomited but you did because you had no choice, but if you had the choice you would have opted not to. Let's get to the real problems that faced this otherwise flawless episode. Daddy-long legs are not spiders. They are arthropods and they are in the class Arachnida, but they are in the order Opiliones, which are not spiders. And this crazy on-going myth that they are the most venomous “spider” is insane. No known species of daddy-long legs have venom glands, and furthermore they don’t have hallowed fangs to release and said venom. What they do have is grasping claws, and yes they are typically small and not strong enough to break human skin. But even if they could, there isn’t any venom. Has the world gone mad? Are we seriously discussing whether or not some random poster was overtly expressing his dislike for a segment while lambasting the host, of whom he has great admiration, for sharing his views on his own show, thus making the “fan” come off like a douche? They’re not spiders guys! Wake up America!