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  1. RebeccaMis

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    My greatest hope is that Hubcap and Turkey Sub were "On the Line" when the aliens blew up the El trains.
  2. RebeccaMis

    Episode 102.5 — Minisode 102.5

    I think we could have a group project, and make an epic list of all of the things that have been upsetting to June.
  3. RebeccaMis

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    That movie would be a great Halloween episode. I saw it for the first time at a 24 hour horror movie marathon at about hour 18, and my mind exploded. It was preceded by that Italian zombie movie, where a zombie is underwater, fighting a shark.
  4. RebeccaMis

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    1. Monkeybone - It is next level bonkers from start to finish 2. The Thing with Two Heads - Watch Rosey Grier, the man who tackled Robert Kennedy's assassin, in a movie where he has an old white man's head sewn to his neck. 3. All the Queen's Men - Matt LeBlanc, and a bunch of other guys, doing the worst drag ever, in a WWII movie.
  5. RebeccaMis

    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    This episode is an all-time classic. I have never been so happy to hear so much about a movie that is so bad.
  6. RebeccaMis

    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    I heard it that way too! I was wondering if there was some sort of Catholic connection I was missing.
  7. RebeccaMis

    Episode 98 — LOL: LIVE!

    Well, if you can't understand basic concepts, that's your problem, not mine. And I love that you went from zero to troll in no time flat. I made a valid point, and you had to be an asshole.
  8. RebeccaMis

    Episode 98 — LOL: LIVE!

    But there is also a difference between laughing at what you said, and the gross forced laughter some of them feel has to punctuate every sentence.
  9. RebeccaMis

    Episode 98 — LOL: LIVE!

    Natasha's pretty heinous all around too. Pete Holmes is a braying jackass, but at least he was funny on the 88 Minutes episode.
  10. RebeccaMis

    Episode 98 — LOL: LIVE!

    This was one of those rare instances where I hated the episode. Rob and Chelsea are both so obnoxious. Jason can nail a masturbation joke, but Rob cannot, and it is particularly annoying when it's his default comment. I am now going to dip back into the archives, and enjoy a different episode to cleanse me of that one.
  11. RebeccaMis

    Episode 96.5 — Minisode 96.5

    Pete Holmes drives me crazy, but I dealt with him to listen to that one, and June's episode, which is so sad.
  12. RebeccaMis

    Episode 96.5 — Minisode 96.5

    I was thinking how perilous it would be, since eggs can hide in everything. I remember him talking about it on Kevin Pollack's podcast, and saying how he ate a grape ate a party, not realizing it had been rolled in egg whites to adhere the sugar, which sent him to the ER. The ethnicity question is definitely an interesting one to contemplate.
  13. RebeccaMis

    Episode 96.5 — Minisode 96.5

    Jason and June dong the Q&A too was fantastic. I forgot about Jason's egg allergy, and how he is mortal danger of dropping dead from some as seemingly innocuous as a breakfast sandwich.
  14. RebeccaMis

    halloween suggestions

    The Thing With Two Heads would make me so happy. It is utterly ridiculous. The whole thing is on YouTube, but here's the trailer.
  15. RebeccaMis

    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    I love June and Jason to pieces, but Adam and Casey were great stand-ins. I can only assume they got sick after watching the monstrosity that is LOL.