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  1. You sure you wanna stand by this? For most of the season, Kyle's story line was "I don't wanna talk about my sister!!!" I kinda feel like Kyle stayed out of the Munchausen fray for the most part and didn't do a whole lot besides cry about her relationship with Kim
  2. cmac94

    Episode 19 - Matt Besser - Spotlight On: B.B.

    I loved this joke so much because it sounds exactly like something Harris Wittels would pull out for Foam Corner
  3. In light of the Villa Blanca bathroom reviews I just wanna turn everyone's attention to this quote from Lisa from way back in season 1 regarding the infamous ladies room
  4. cmac94

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    As a student pilot, I am here to officially confirm June's theory that flying is not for gross awful terrible poor people. Learning to fly is expensive. Owning a plane is expensive. Maintaining a plane is expensive. Renting a hangar is expensive. Expensive.
  5. "When I was sniping . . . . . . . . . I forgot what I was going to say"
  6. cmac94

    EPISODE 231 β€” Slow Dance Party

    Glad we could have such pleasant discourse among a lively cast of characters on the subject of a free comedy podcast. Yet another beautiful thread here on ear wolf dot com Also I think it would be wonderful to have June on as a guest host sometime. We don't get enough of her on HDTGM as of late and just imagine the fun gab sesh that would be that weeks TwoCh
  7. cmac94

    Episode 102 β€” Tango & Cash

    On relistening I noticed one of the second opinions say that Tango and Cash spawned other great action duos, such as Seagal and Wayans. There is someone out there who watched The Glimmer Man and thought "now THIS is a good action duo!" Incredible.
  8. cmac94

    Episode 98 β€” LOL: LIVE!

    Or as others might call it: Comedy.
  9. This was the first HDTGM movie I got drunk for before watching and let me tell you, what an experience to have the details of this incredible movie come flooding back while listening to the podcast
  10. cmac94

    Episode 196.5 β€” 9/05/14 TWO CHARTED 135

    I don't know what's funnier, Howard really digging in deep throughout his chart or Kulap's constant and almost surprised laughter at almost everything he says
  11. "How do you not know your birthday but you know your birth year?" "I asked you to figure that out!" Lapkus is easily in the top 5 for best recurring guests in all CBB history
  12. cmac94

    Episode 89 β€” Gooby

    This movie also reminded me of Toys, in that Gooby was supposed to come into Willy's life to help him through rough times but ends up just being a colossal burden on Willy, much like the Joan Cusak Robot was just a new burden to throw onto Robbin Williams shoulders.
  13. cmac94

    Episode 89 β€” Gooby

    The biggest thing that bothered me about this movie is that it seems to set up that Gooby and Willy will have to fight some Hoonies(?) in some way and by defeating them Willy won't feel so in danger from his imagination anymore. Instead we see a Hoony(??) once and then never again. You could argue that after the movie ends and Gooby goes off to live with the young girl, Willy could go right back to being tormented by his imagination.