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  1. I also wanted to mention that as a long time hater of Kyle, I am now turnt. I thought that Kyle would be nothing without Kim keeping her storylines going, but I was proven wrong.

    You sure you wanna stand by this? For most of the season, Kyle's story line was "I don't wanna talk about my sister!!!" I kinda feel like Kyle stayed out of the Munchausen fray for the most part and didn't do a whole lot besides cry about her relationship with Kim

  2. Glad we could have such pleasant discourse among a lively cast of characters on the subject of a free comedy podcast. Yet another beautiful thread here on ear wolf dot com


    Also I think it would be wonderful to have June on as a guest host sometime. We don't get enough of her on HDTGM as of late and just imagine the fun gab sesh that would be that weeks TwoCh

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  3. This movie also reminded me of Toys, in that Gooby was supposed to come into Willy's life to help him through rough times but ends up just being a colossal burden on Willy, much like the Joan Cusak Robot was just a new burden to throw onto Robbin Williams shoulders.

  4. The biggest thing that bothered me about this movie is that it seems to set up that Gooby and Willy will have to fight some Hoonies(?) in some way and by defeating them Willy won't feel so in danger from his imagination anymore. Instead we see a Hoony(??) once and then never again. You could argue that after the movie ends and Gooby goes off to live with the young girl, Willy could go right back to being tormented by his imagination.

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  5. I just have so many questions about that dog. In my mind there's no way it could have been unintentional. If that guy was a nobody that got caught in the scene surely someone along the line would say "lets do that again but without the guy." So assuming the guy there is a paid actor, there's no way the dog was there by accident. Someone made the choice to have the dog there by the water. I just can't believe that that dog throw wasn't intentional.

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  6. Scott and Scott jumping on "It's been around" and Scott's reaction to Todd's description of his house and parties had me laughing harder than I have in a very long time.


    Ugh... I don't know if I can listen to them call Staind a "metal band" for 90 minutes...


    Clearly you didn't actually listen to any significant amount of this episode. They referenced Staind as being a metal band maybe 3 times.

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