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    Corrections / Omissions Fast 6

    As a Londoner and an Englishmen, that chase they have after the 1000 of swat men are killed by Shaw's explosions. that chase cross all of London from the City in the east to Wembley Stadium in the North West in about 5 minutes
  2. HarryWardMasters

    Stolen (2012)

    Can we agree that for a man of his age there is too much running and grunting, that alone would make a great episode for me anyway
  3. HarryWardMasters

    Stolen (2012)

    Please, please do Stolen with Nic Cage, it all him a middle aged man running and making a sex noise for an hour and half. It also includes a man with no legs and 8 fingers who drives a cab. Tell me what you think Harry Ward Masters