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  1. I feel like this is a bit of a straw-man argument. I didn't read the book Ian's talking about that mentions rules are death to improv, just like Ian. I can't imagine anyone tries to teach improv without any feedback or structure. I feel like this wasn't necessary, unless it was haha. I do love these talks dealing more insight into improv, but I don't think this subject was interesting enough.
  2. DanTheMighty

    Episode 63.5 — Minisode 63.5

    don't listen to this man, he's one of them.
  3. DanTheMighty

    Episode 63.5 — Minisode 63.5

    Here we go. http://pastebin.com/LcZMWei4
  4. DanTheMighty

    Episode 63.5 — Minisode 63.5

    Apparently this movie is crazy about Scientology. I read this great write up of it on a message board. I'm gonna see if he posted it on a blog yet. It's a long read, but it's good.
  5. DanTheMighty

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    I like how Dom invited Blonde cop to stay with them at the end and join in some sort of 3-way action. Giselle's death was amazing, she was kind of damsel and distressing throughout the entire movie, even though she's a complete badass. So her death was perfect, and shot perfectly as well.
  6. DanTheMighty

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    You guys have to watch Tokoyo Drift now. I've always enjoyed it, and now it adds a bunch of character to how Han acts in TD. When I was in the theater and they started showing tokoyo drift, I was like "Oh man, are they gonna say Han's really alive? NOPE" lol, i love it. holy shit.