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    Episode 188.5 - Minisode 188.5

    I get personally offended when they pick a movie I enjoyed for the podcast. I liked Sky Captain! I will defend it!
  2. Facebones

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    My feelings exactly. If you don't see the body in these movies, you can't assume they're dead. Same with the Haywire actress. Because no one dies in these movies.
  3. Facebones

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    I absolutely loved how Agent The Rock had international terrorist Shaw in his gunsights... AND LET HIM WALK AWAY! Here's a guy who we have seen murder at least 100 policemen/soldiers/DSS agents with his bomb at the construction site, has stolen two components of this doomsday macguffin, and the agent in charge of catching him has a gun trained on him AND HE DOES NOT SHOOT! The only reason for this is that we have to add in a few more chase scenes.