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  1. King_Geedorah808


    I think it would be cool to have a segment called "Parental Advised" where we skype in someone mom or dad and try to convince them to watch the movie that was reviewed. Another idea would be to watch the movie with someone's mom or dad and just discuss their experience watching it with their parents or grandparents. I would like to hear what Paul, June, and Jason's parents would say about some of the movies they review. Can you imagine Jason's grandmother reviewing Fast 6 or Spice World.
  2. King_Geedorah808

    Good Burger (1997)

    I think Good Burger only appeals to the children of the nineties. I loved it because I was a child of the nineties but if you take out the nostalgia factor I don't know if it holds up at all
  3. King_Geedorah808

    End Of Watch

    It felt like the writer was trying to write training day meets Lethal Weapon. The writer of this movie was also the writer of Training Day, so WTF happened.
  4. King_Geedorah808

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

  5. King_Geedorah808

    Cool World (1992)

    Has no one mentioned the really creepy half sex scene that happens
  6. King_Geedorah808

    End Of Watch

    Alcohol helped get through it. I thought it would be a perfect fit for the show because of the randomness between scenes. Characters that are established and then never brought up again and the irrational span of time this movie has. These two beat cops randomly stumble into more trouble randomly and just happen to be carrying a camera. You gotta try and watch it again and try to make it to the WORST sex scene i've ever seen in a movie. where it looks like they filmed two people kissing for 2 minutes and then looped it for eight minutes
  7. King_Geedorah808

    End Of Watch

    End Of Watch is one of the best missed opportunities to be a good movie I've seen all year. The movie is about two cops played by Jake Gyllenhal and Michael who are cops in South Central Los Angeles. Jake Gyllenhal's character Officer Taylor is recording there day to day patrols for an art class that he is taking. Officer Taylor is joined by a cast of hardened witty smack talking cops that all sound like they watched 48 hours and The Shield way too many times. The movie starts with a pretty good chase seen where Jack Gyllenhal gives an amazing speech about being a police officer as you watch a high speed police chase from the point of view of the police car camera that ends with a gang shoot out but from that scene the movie is all done hill from there. It's not necessarily a bad movie, it actually starts off pretty good until about 15 or 25 minutes into the movie where the point of view of the story changes and it makes no sense. I film then follows the strangest beats going from jokes about being single and a cop to scenes of gratuitous violence that seem hap hazardly thrown in. Please please review this so I can see if I'm over analyzing this movie or is it just the down fall of Jake Gyllenhal's career. This was also made by the same writer as "Training Day", "U-571", "The Fast and The Furious", and "Swat" (I wrote them in the order of quality)