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    Return To Sleepaway Camp

    The sequel to the most confusing movie the crew as ever done. They can finally clear up their confusion in the original episode, and see the film with the #1 most unlikable protagonits ever. Also some of the most uninspired kills for a horror movie, terrible "straight to DVD" level CGI explostions, and a twist so obvious it underminds the geat ending of the original. It would be in everyone's best intrests to just skip the 3 non-canon sequels, since those are far less enjoyable then this one.
  2. MatthewLamontLewis

    After Earth

    I heard "After Earth" is a spiritual successor to Battlefield Earth, due to the fact they're both allegories for Scientology and are both comically god awful films. Also they both take place on earth 1000 years in the future. Didn't Jason Say in the BFE episode that he wished the sequels where directed by M. Night! Make sure to vote fo it in the FYI.