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  1. theforeverlostsoul

    EPISODE 106 β€” Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    I think an opportunity was missed to compare LL Cool J's Deepest Bluest with Puff Daddy's seminal classic Come With Me from the previously on HDTGM 1998 hit Godzilla, which is rapped from the POV of Godzilla and of course contains the lyrics 'I wanna fight you, I'll fucking bite you, can't stand nobody like you'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puGngm04IcE
  2. I think that unless Scott and Scott and/or U2 decide to sue the makers of Me 2 I’m Talkin’ U2 To U Too (sometimes), there is literally no good reason for there not to be at least another 12 episodes.
  3. theforeverlostsoul

    EPISODE 338 β€” Be My Guest, Literally

    I love what prompts Ho-Ho to float away and the sound he/she makes when he/she floats away too.
  4. theforeverlostsoul

    EPISODE 338 β€” Be My Guest, Literally

    A very long episode, but packed with goodness. I think we've all long suspected that Santa's cheery demeanour was just a front, so it's nice to finally have the truth on record, and to be fair, Scott did have it coming.
  5. theforeverlostsoul

    EPISODE 336 β€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I loved the scheduling bit. I actually think Scott is doing a bit by pretending not to be into it, like it's a bits Inception. There are bits in bits in bits (in bits). The intro and outro are both touching and the tone of them is spot on. As with all the other tributes, it's clear that Scott not only thought Harris was funny as fuck, but that he was just a good person and a good person to be around. I've been listening to some of Harris' previous Comedy Bang Bang appearances over the weekend, and they're always so good. It's really sad that he's gone, but the podcasts will always be there and I'll watch Parks and Recreation again and again when I own the complete box set, and he'll be making me laugh whenever I listen to the podcasts and I know that some of the lines that makes me laugh really hard in Parks will have been written by him too (as well as his on-screen appearances). RIP Harris.
  6. theforeverlostsoul

    EPISODE 335 β€” The Wedding of Gilli and Garry

    Gilly is so good on these episodes! It really is one of the great romantic sagas of our time. Colin Hay really added a lot to the episode too, it can't be easy to just make up music to accompany improvised songs that quickly. Loved it.
  7. theforeverlostsoul

    Episode 328 β€” Beatle Heaven

    The best bad John Lennon impression ever! I'd love Mike to be joined by three other people doing great bad Liverpudlian accents as the rest of the Beatles. American Football were game and Anders was funny too, so I would definitely give this episode a C+ and probably put it in my top 2 episodes of the year.
  8. theforeverlostsoul

    Episode 19 β€” U2 Holiday Special

    Listening to Scott and Scott talking about the Sketchfest show made me imagine a scenario in which only 30 people turn up for it, they do the show anyway, then discover that U2 made a surprise appearance at the Weird Al tribute and they missed it.
  9. theforeverlostsoul

    Furious 7 trailer

    I want to watch Furious 7 while holding Jason's hand and squealing with glee together.
  10. Did anyone else think that the way the acoustic sessions tracks were produced made it sound like the members of U2 (Bonobos, Theedge, Adam Clay2000pounds and Larry Mullen Sr's son) were actually in the same room as Scott and Scott?
  11. Ah, that review. It made no sense at all to compare the two albums, and it was done so sarcastically that it made it totally obnoxious. The sad thing is that it's the way music criticism is going now. There are so many stunt reviews now, where an album will get 0/10 and an extremely snarky review so the website that publishes it can get publicity for giving a high profile release such a negative review. And they are almost always written by people who hate the music of the artists they're reviewing and have already decided they'll hate it before they even listen. And it's very easy to do that kind of thing for the latest U2 album, because people enjoy not liking U2 and getting annoyed by Bono, and because of how the album was initially released. So to sum up, like Scott said of NME's review, 'What dicks!'.
  12. I literally (and I'm using the word properly) jumped out of bed to put my putes on and download this on iTunes when I saw it on Soundcloud this morning. The funny thing about Scott and Scott talking about the reaction to the albums release and the reviews of it is that they really are one of the few people who reviewed the album for its music, and not the method of release or a dislike of U2 anyway. They gave the album a fair review and so many 'real' reviewers didn't and didn't want to either. The logical next step for the podcast is for Scott and Scott to write their own definitive U2 biography, right?
  13. theforeverlostsoul

    Episode 17 β€” Songs of Innocence

    The physical release of Songs of Incontinence is next Monday/Tuesday, so I'll be checking my putes for more hot Scott and Scott action next Wednesday.
  14. Pretty sure it was in the Paul Banks episode, and he said songs should be as long as the events the lyrics describe took to play out. I was surprised that they didn't mention it at the time, but this would mean that One Week by The Barenaked Ladies would be one week long.
  15. His opinions on public toilets. Which are very confusing.