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  1. I was interested in finding the good "dancing in the moonlight" cover but was busy and finished the episode without looking it up. I'm a little too lazy/busy at work to go back through to find that moment. Anyone with an excellent memory know who the artist was?
  2. wolfhaley

    Episode 161.5 β€” 1/03/14 TWO CHARTED 100

    I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you all put these shows out each week. It's my favorite show pretty much (even including TV and radio). You guys bring much joy and laughter to my boring workdays and introduce me to dope tunes (like Cruise). Can't wait to pick up Tears on My Shaft when it drops.
  3. wolfhaley

    Episode BO2013.1 β€” Best of 2013 Pt 1

    As a former Chili Peppers super fan, Pepper Men is one of my all time faves. Also, rock you like a Herman Caine.
  4. wolfhaley

    Episode 69 β€” what.

    Great episode. Enjoying Bo's special so far.
  5. Jake is straight killing the (rock) archival footage game. I bet he could make a pretty decent documentary.
  6. wolfhaley

    Episode 158 β€” Enjoy It!

    Howard should go on the Pete Holmes show.
  7. wolfhaley

    Episode 281 β€” Reappropriation

    I suppose I should have specified that I was talking about whether a black person should use the n word, but I thought that was sort of implied given the topic. Sorry for that. It would be appropriate to tell a straight person of whatever race not to say that, but my point was that I wouldn't tell a black person they can't say the n word or a gay person they can't say fag.
  8. wolfhaley

    Episode 281 β€” Reappropriation

    White people don't need to tell black people what they should or shouldn't say. It's basically telling someone how to act if they don't want other people to act racist or say something racist, somehow putting the blame on them.
  9. wolfhaley

    Episode 131 β€” Animal IQ

    not sure if it's just me but the soundcloud link isn't working
  10. wolfhaley

    Episode 154 β€” Glory Holeο»Ώ Jack-O-Lantern

    I like Emily but she talks a bit too much IMO. I feel like I didn't get to hear enough Ron/Howard.
  11. wolfhaley

    Episode 153.5 β€” 11/08/13 TWO CHARTED 92

    Wie killed it on @midnight. And Robitussin speed dating would be an awesome sketch or song. What a jewel (dropping).
  12. I like Eric, but it was refreshing to hear his after-meditation mellow side.
  13. wolfhaley

    Episode 246 β€” Arrested Development

    as much as i love breaking bad: walter white...stop rooting for him! especially the skyler haters, they come off as super mysognistic.
  14. wolfhaley

    Episode 146 β€” Keep It Clean

    The Grove is a grade A place for spotting a Mario Lopez.
  15. wolfhaley

    Episode 145.5 β€” TWO CHARTED 84

    Yeah, it's trap. I get confused cause there's regular southern rap/trap and then there's the more electronic/dj trap? I think this is the latter kind.
  16. wolfhaley

    Episode 232 β€” Decomposing Bodies

    Roy Wood Jr. is hilarious
  17. wolfhaley

    Episode 4 β€” Loss Of Privacy

    This was really interesting. I'm not a gamer in the slightest, but the Xbox one backlash was everywhere for awhile. The kinect camera being able to spy on you definitely creeped me out and sounded "Orwellian". The NSA stuff is shocking to me as well, but maybe not as much as It would be to the previous generation since things have been gradually moving in that direction. Ive realized that anything I say online, texting, or on the phone could be monitored from a somewhat young age, so it is a little normalized. I can't speak for the rest of my age group but I kind of have the complacent attitude of, "so, what can you do?" Instagram seems to hit the biggest nerve with me because people will just take pictures sneakily of whoever or whatever and post it publicly without consent. This all makes the future seem scary but I don't see what control I have over any of it, so I just seem to reluctantly accept that this is the way it is.
  18. wolfhaley

    Episode 143 β€” Normies

    Even worse, she grabbed one of the girls' booties and motorboated it with her tongue out, and then smacked it in a degrading manner.
  19. wolfhaley

    Episode 143 β€” Normies

    I hear that Paul wrote Helter Skelter to emulate the Who's sound, almost as a joke.
  20. wolfhaley

    Episode 2 β€” Minisode: Comedy

    Good points made. I'm 21 and trying to get into old comedy greats can be offputting at times because I don't always understand the references or the context of it. Wayne's World is a movie that I've seen probably 100 times as a kid on VHS and it was something that made total sense to me. When my mom first tried to show me old SNL, Blues Brothers, or Monty Python I didn't get it at all. We would watch John Belushi movies and she'd laugh so hard at anything he did. I didn't see what was so funny but she said with him it's all little movements in his face or an awkward way he was walking, kind of like a subtle physical comedy. I paid more attention after that and it makes sense to me now.
  21. wolfhaley

    Vampire's Kiss (1988)

    This is a classic bad but good film. Ridiculous Cage is always fun.
  22. wolfhaley

    Episode 142 β€” Bullshark

    Everyone should definitely be checking out Go Bayside. April is awesome and it's fun because it's like HDTGM but you can watch Saved By The Bell on Netflix and the episodes are short. The plot lines are always ludicrous so it's easy to rip apart but April has a genuine love for the show. And I've heard it mentioned on GB more than once that that Mr. Belding is seen about town being a drunk or a douchebag (or something along those lines). I don't know what's up with him.
  23. wolfhaley

    Episode 50 β€” @dogboner

    Oh Jeez, I'm dying at that anal breathing video.
  24. wolfhaley

    Episode 220 β€” N-Word Pass

    I agree. Just because one person says you get the hood pass, that doesn't mean it's cool with every other black person. Cut that shit out!